Employment opportunity discrimination in Mabaan County Upper Nile, South Sudan

By John Kanyo


South Sudan's Upper Nile State (File photo)
South Sudan’s Upper Nile State (File photo)

July 26th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – We the Greater Mabaan Community in diaspora responding to the recent peaceful protest on Monday July 23, 2018 in Mabaan county Upper Nile, South Sudan against host community employment discrimination. Mabaan land is the land of opportunity, land of freedom, land of enjoy for all South Sudanese and out comes foreigners to share values.

Human Rights organization dedicated to protect the human rights of all people around the world. We the Greater Mabaan community in diaspora stand with local authority and UNHCR organization and activist in Mabaan county Upper Nile, South Sudan to corporate prevent employment discrimination in Mabaan area.

We respect humanitarian international human rights law to balance equal employment in Mabaan county. Mabaan people deserved to be treated fairly, we understand that the host community have the right to advance their attention for employment discrimination. Mabaan community have the right to speak out with a strong voice against employment discrimination and mistreated whenever it occurs.

It’s clearly and publicly that the UNHCR organization incompetence discriminate the human right for employment opportunity in Mabaan county. Because the land of Mabaan we share a commitment with all nations allowing humanitarian to have full access in the area.

The peaceful protest happened on Monday July 23, 2018 was an intentional on the fundamental values of job discrimination, which stand for opportunity helps to maintain and nurture open human inquire and an inclusive civil servant, the bedrock of a Guinee democracy.

We the Mabaan in diaspora committed ask UNHCR organization to remain corporate with local authority free and fair equal employment as essential in Mabaan. Perhaps, it provides that if worker perform equal work in job requiring and equal skills, effort, and responsibilities knowing that worker performed under similar working conditions, then the workers must receive equal pay.

Equal employment opportunity, applicants to and employee of most private employers, State and local government, educational institution, employment agencies and labor organizations and counties authority are most protected under federal law from discrimination.

UNHCR organization and humanitarian operating in Mabaan county must know that the local staff have the right to hold position. The federal law, State and local levels often require that employers must offer equal opportunity to job seekers.

It’s means that employers agree not to discriminate against any employees or applicants. We the greater Mabaan community in diaspora urge local authority and UNHCR organization to corporate ensure situation calm and back to normal peacefully and allow humanitarian back to operation in the area.

The author is a concerned South Sudanese citizen and can be reached via: johnkanyo18@hotmail.com 

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