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Delinking Of The SPLM-Party From The Revolution And Peace In South Sudan!!

The SPLM/SPLA leaders rejoice in 20002 after the two factions accepted the call for self-determination. While Machar compromised on power-sharing, Dr. Garang compromise to Machar's self-determination....
The SPLM/SPLA leaders rejoice in 20002 after the two factions accepted the call for self-determination. While Machar compromised on power-sharing, Dr. Garang compromise to Machar’s self-determination….

August 8, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — When they are united they mercilessly robe our resources with impunity, when they are divided, they kill us, our Country and our aspirations an unknown frustratingly lamenting about the South Sudan’s reigning Party (SPLM), unjustifiably they are making all to believe that South Sudan Nation is the same as SPLM while, the cursed party is the same as the Nation, a disastrous misrepresentation of an ideology. True the party led in the Decades long struggle for freedom but is that an excuse to destroy the Nation? Is it fair for the savior to be the killer?

Lately, a great push is going on with support from some African Nation’s ruling-Political-parties, Championed mainly by Chama-cha-Mapinduzi of United Republic of Tanzania under President Jakaya Kikwete, Jubilee Coalition of President Kenyatta of Kenya and the African National Congress Party of Jacob Zuma of South Africa to reunite the factions of SPLMs with hopes to resolve the ravaging conflict in the young nation through such Unity, this Political Party’s initiatives has since been hijacked and hastily seized by SPLMs Jackals and Opportunist to sneak their way back in to the Country, but as for Nation-wide conflict resolution, well that dream or possibility is yet to materialize,

However this fatal misconception, intentional misrepresented ideology and baseless belief that mere internal reunification and reconciliation of the SPLMs faction would automatically translates to peace, National Unity and reconciliation is false and devoid of logical or realistic-reasoning, indeed the opposite is very true, the continentally promoted Unity of the Cursed party would only lead to escalation of tension and heightening of suspicion among South Sudanese People particularly the treasonously aggrieved Innocent victims of this devilish-SPLM-made War. There is no glory in the Bloody party’s useless Reunification which entails simply repairing of the SPLM-house, maintenance of the Genocidal party’s status quo, continuation of Impunity, reinstatement of deposed Leaders, but worst of all retaining of genocide Perpetrators like the Party’s Chairman who is directly responsible for the gruesome and disgraceful massacre of innocent Nuer Citizens in Juba.

Unless those busy wasting time, resources and unnecessarily diverting Global attention from the major issues and continental and internationally backed peace forum (IGAD-initiative) are either too absentminded enough or are carrying their own ill-intentioned agenda, they would not expect South Sudanese to be such shallow-headed enough to forget so soon the painful fact that it was none but the so called SPLMs and their greedy Leaders that enforced on the people this protracted, trajectory, brutal and devastating Conflict which have so far caused unimaginable suffering and irreparable human and materials destructions especially on the lives of common Citizenry,

True; SPLM was formed as a Moment to fight for the Liberation of the marginalized, segregated and brutalized population of the Republic of Sudan, to many Sudanese the party was seen as the savior, its agendas and blue-print manifestos prophesized and proclaimed greater freedom, equality ,justice and Prosperity to the Citizens regardless of their diverse backgrounds, however soon after the party got its butts on the driving seats and took-hold of the mantle of national leadership, it hastily switched gears and driven the Nation toward an absolutely opposite direction in a dangerous, reckless and merciless speed making all the passengers to wonder whether the party was under some kind of intoxication, as results South Sudanese disowned the party and were since on serious search for suitable alternative boat to safely deliver them ‘emotionally’ realistically once and for all in to the Promised Land.

But before SPLM splinted, the Party aggressively and vigorously dehorned, demobilized or assimilated other existing political parties and thwarted the creation of new ones, a necessary action the party undertook with devilish intention to run the Nation cheap clomid buy singly, it was these maneuvers success at such an early stages of National-life that gives the party the strength it requires to build itself in to the giant and satanic dragon it becomes. The Organization’s dictatorial tendencies are vividly recalled, for instants the numerous systematic intimidations and brutalization against other parties and their leaders notably SPLM-DC and Dr.Lam Akol Ajawin, UDF and Peter Abdurahman Sule and the recent inhumane abduction and arrest of Mr.Peter Mayen Majongdit of the People Liberal Party (PLP), these dictatorial tendencies did not only divided the Party but also the people and destroyed the Nation, South Sudanese collectively hold the South Sudan People Moment (SPLM) directly responsible for the genocide currently unfolding in the Country hence have rightfully rebelled against the rotten Party.

But the sudden eruption of this ferocious and vicious crisis meant chances for any proper setting-up of Political alliances to collectively Oppose the Government were denied as urgent response to rescue the people from Juba Regime’s onslaught was vitally imminent, dictated by such circumstances and the immediate need for urgent Political platform to accordingly facilitate the emerging revolutionary Moment, the diverse Political forces that took the initiative to rebel against the bizarre Juba Regime consented to the use of the SPLM-banner to represent the Rebellion at its early stages hoping that as the clouds clear-up and rebellion-settled-up, each Participating Political party would then pitch-their-tents accordingly as they together SPLM-IO included fight the Monstrous SPLM-Juba and its allies while minding their respective, distinctive Political-ideologies independently.

Therefore as Moment grew older the need for Political differentiation begin to emerge driven mostly by need for Political recognition among the non-SPLMs Political members of the Revolution-Moment ,as we are all aware, a sizable portion of the current South Sudan resistance Moment is made-up of Non-SPLMs-subscribers for example; United Democratic Salvation Front (UDSF) of Changson Lew Chang, South Sudan Independence Moment (SSIM) to which Prof. David Decand lately claimed Association, South Sudan Democratic Moment (SSDF) among other entities, they have been since jointly fighting the Government with the SPLM-IO with whom they happen to share goals , thus as the revolution progresses on, though it strongly bonded by its excellent objectives, the need for its ‘DE-SPLM-IZATION’ is getting ripper.

Conclusively; it’s much clearer now that there is general frustration among members, followers/sympathizers and the leadership of Armed Opposition alike resulting from continued, suffocative domination of the Moment’s affairs by the SPLMs party with less regards to her Political partners and allies, since the establish of the SPLM-IO, the entity despite its diverse composition hardly ever acted in manner that would reflect or recognize such a reality with the exception of the late joiners, the AGULEK Forces of Maj. Gen. Johnson Olony which have since merged along, such unjustified assumption of assimilation of other party (s) is not only an attempt to swallow such entities but also obstruct their chance for fair representation of view-point

though there is trails of tribal element to it, those who found themselves victims or targets following the horrific MID-DECEMBER casts their plights upon the SPLM-party, they justifiably hold the party directly responsible for their painful and irreparable loses, thus greater portion of the Moment’s followers find it rather ironical that their Moment finds it hard to delink herself from that MONSTER of a party, hence there is always been silent desire among the people to Separate their Liberation Moment from the SPLM which is clinically-Politically dead.

Though there is great need for recognition of the different Political entities within the Moment’s Political wing and imminent need to lessen the grasps and deprioritize the SPLMs affairs over the People Moment’s Agendas, any frustration though understandable should not in any manner interpret or degenerates in to indiscipline which may betray or Jeopardize the Ultimate Cause of our people.

The author, Gatgong Thany, can be reached for further comments g.gongk15@gmail.com

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AGUMUT August 9, 2015 at 5:57 am

John Garang was clearing top people out in order to gain the space,but God of heaven came from above and below him off.


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