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Bilpam Remains A “No Go Zone” For Salva Kiir

By Nicholas Osobi,

May 01, 2017 (Nyamilepedia) —— After killing tens of thousands of non-Dinkas in apparent ethnic cleansing, the same unpaid terrorists he (Salva Kiir) used to commit the heinous crime, now want their leader (Kiir) out of the equation. This has made him develop an anxiety condition known as “shadowing”.

President Salva Kiir caught on camera staring into Gen. Paul Malong eyes on independent day in Juba(Photo: file)
President Salva Kiir caught on camera staring into Gen. Paul Malong eyes on independent day in Juba(Photo: file)

People with such conditions always feel that their own shadows are following them closely wherever they go, and they are unable to find any privacy even in the toilet or church where faithfuls often feel at peace.

But for Salva Kiir, it is even beyond shadowing because he is being trailed by real thing “threat”, and not just by mere imaginary shadow. This explains why he decided to cancel his visit to the military headquarters at Bilpam last Thursday where he was due to meet with his top servicemen. The meeting was intended for discussing crucial issues which inter alia include; how to mend the regime’s cracking pillars, the expansion of the kraal dynasty, as well as, how to convince the disgruntled unpaid soldiers who are rapidly drifting to the oppositions, mainly; NSF of a revolutionary leader, Gen. Thomas Cirilo Swaka, and IO’s C-in-C Dr. Riek Machar, without paying their salaries.

As we mentioned earlier, indeed gone were the days when Bilpam was Kiir’s stronghold, but now it is a contested military headquarter and Kiir is aware of it.  On Thursday, while on his way to Bilpam, the pusillanimous tribal leader (Salva Kiir) received a magical phone called which saved his life.  He was told to go back immediately for his own safety. By then it was not immediately clear why Salva Kiir changed his mind, and drove back to J1 not until our revolutionary network unearthed the circumstance surrounding the sudden change of mind. It was that there was an order to arrest or kill him. He was tipped off by his loyalist and without wasting any single minute the bearded alcoholic made a U-turn.

Per the intel-leak the plan to arrest Kiir was failed because of disagreement among Bilpam’s top officials. Paul Malong wanted him to be killed immediately so that he could take over the presidency and blame the incident on the disgruntled unpaid soldiers. While the other party was opposed to the plot. They wanted Kiir to be arrested and not killed.

Their failure to reach a consensus made Kirr’s supporters to call and advised him on the impending catastrophe, prompting Kiir to make a U-Turn in the middle of highway. The tip off, however only saved him for that day but the real threat to his life remains a reality since the fading polygamist, Paul Malong Awan and the Director General for Internal Bureau of the Security Service, Akol Koor Kuc, both have presidential ambition. They would continue to work hard to ensure, the bearded alcoholic (Salva Kiir) is dead, and out of the equation.

Paul Malong, being a primary three drop out has not met the minimum requirement even if he has a burning ambition to take the country’s top job as per S. Sudan’s constitution. Maybe he is intending to use the fake PhD awarded to him by Kenyan University, which unfortunately is only valid during Kiir’s presidency but once the revolutionary movement takes over, no fake academic papers will be accepted in South Sudan. Kraal system of governance will cease and power will be given back to the people.

Nicholas Osobi

Revolutionary Columnist,

Email: nicholas.osobi@columnist.com

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Kiir Riak Bai May 1, 2017 at 9:43 pm

Mr. president your days are numbered if your tribes men start struggle to fight for the presidency. However, what malong and Akol don’t know is that south Sudan is not for Renk Dinka. If you kill or arrest him [kiir], make sure that Wani will takeover, you mess up with your tenure ya bar el ghazel


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