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An Open Letter To President Salva Kiir: This is a Spectacular Own Goal

By Alma Ettore-Equatorian, UK

Mr President,

President Salva Kiir wiping his face with no handkerchief during a hard talk on Al Jazeera in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: extracted from youtube)
President Salva Kiir wiping his face with no handkerchief during a hard talk on Al Jazeera in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: extracted from youtube)

May 14, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— I beg you to sit down and consult with a group of learned and experienced individuals in politics before you embark on unilateral decisions that seem to take the country 50 years backwards. South Sudan does not belong to you alone; it belongs to every individual of the 64 tribes.

Taking an oath to serve the country means that you have taken an oath in front of The Almighty God and the whole world to serve every South Sudanese individual and protect every one who is in South Sudan under your jurisdiction, regardless of race, colour, creed, age, ethnicity, sex or political orientation. Unfortunately Mr President you have broken your oath and you have gone far beyond. You are now treating South Sudan as if it is your own backyard; killing innocent civilians, looting their properties and resources, destroying their livelihood, destroying their good relationship with each other and trying every day to think of ways to cause collateral damage, pain and hardship to every one inside and outside South Sudan.

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Initially people blamed everything on the people around you, exonerating you from wrong-doing but now it is crystal clear that all the disasters that are happening in South Sudan is through your own machinations. The people surrounding you are just fulfilling your orders and suicidal tendencies.

Your latest gimmick is to imprison anyone coming into Juba if they have no security clearance from your government (SPLA) or from Dr Riek Machar’s government (SPLA-IO). Mr President by doing so, you have now declared that South Sudan is divided into 2 countries; a country run by you and another country run by Dr Machar. What a SPECTACULAR OWN GOAL!!!! In so doing you have established the fact to every one that Dr Machar is as powerful as yourself and can give his own security clearance to South Sudanese citizens and can protect them, outside your jurisdiction. Who is running the show here Mr. President? Why give Dr. Machar the platform to outsmart you? By keeping silent and looking more “Presidential “ than yourself Dr Machar has rattled you enough to make you act in the most bizarre and un- presidential way.

You are the boss, but you are now acting like a boss who has- lost- it. This is because you jump out of your bed and react without thinking, in spite of all the resources at your fingertips. You have now forced the people of South Sudan and the diaspora who might not have a connection to either of your camps to choose between the two of you. I will have to be truthful, although I do not belong to the SPLA or the SPLA-IO, you have now forced me to choose and in so doing I will grudgingly choose the SPLA-IO, simply because the SPLA-IO is the lesser of two evils. This will be the story of most people and some people might choose your camp due to fear but in their hearts they will prefer to go to your opponents. Who is the winner here except Dr. Machar who you have handed an unbelievable power. He must be cock-a- hoop with delight and glee because he will be gaining thousands of supporters daily. Your initial thought of imposing the security clearance is to frighten and deter people who are opposed to you to enter South Sudan. What will you gain from this move except anger and alienate people and push them towards your arch enemies? We do not have to be in South Sudan or Juba to be an effective opposition. We can be an effective opposition anywhere in the world. We are now in the 21st century, Mr president. By preventing people to enter their own country, you have drained the meagre support that has come your way. You have alienated every tribe including your own Dinka tribe from you.

In conclusion I will share with you this famous Khawajat saying:

“ Why lock the stable door after the horse has bolted”

Mr President, You never thought in your most pessimistic state of mind that Dr Riek Machar will ever come back to Juba after he fled to Bor in 2013, but he has proved you wrong: He has came back with added power and glory and you have helped him now to become more powerful than yourself. In a state of despair and panic you have decided to lock the gates. Why lock the gates when he is inside South Sudan? You should have locked the gates when he was out there in in Pagak. Too late!

Thank you and Best Wishes

Yours Sincerely

The author, Alma Ettore, is a South Sudanese-UK Citizen. He can be reached at almaettore7@gmail.com

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