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A Letter to the Youth of Western Equatoria

Congratulatory Message

Tap Koang Toy
Tap Koang Toy …

August 1, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — With reference to the above mentioned subject, I am here by sending my Congratulatory message to the western Equatoria Youths for finally standing tall against the dictatorship and genocidal regime of Sultan Salva Kiir and his gangs,

Comrades, we didn’t plan to rebel against this deadly regime in the first place when this crisis erupted but we were just forced to depend ourselves from them because of genocide that they did to our beloved ones, I think you finally face what we were telling you about this genocidal regime,

this genocidal regime of Sultan Salva Kiir will never lead South Sudan in to peaceful coexistence if it’s not thrown away

Comrades, you finally prove us right by taking up your arrows and fight those Boko Haram of Sultan Salva Kiir and prove them wrong by calling themselves a government,

Let the international community tell us where’s the legitimacy here if the soldiers that are suppose to protect the civilians are killing the civilians,

Arrows Boys you made my day guys, my special congratulation goes to you in particular and to Equatoria region in general,

Let us come together using our Ak47 and arrows to topple this genocidal regime of Sultan Salva Kiir and bring total change, everlasting peace and peaceful coexistence to all tribes of South Sudan,

Arrows boys finally tell Salva Kiir that Yambio has Youths that can depend their parents and children

Lastly but not the least I would like to congratulate and Salute freedom fighters across all our controlled areas for thy daily fruitful progress and victorious,

Long live freedom fighters
Long live SPLM/A-IO
Long live South Sudan

Cde. Sgt. Tap Koang Toy

Special Division One, Tiger Brigade
Media Officer

Fashoda State, Manyo County

Email: tapkoangtoy@yahoo.com

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GatNor August 1, 2015 at 2:16 pm

The legitamacy claims by the Jaang’s tribal government that was forfeited since Dec 15/2013 is legally and constitutionally expiring. former status of Somalia in the late 90th will be better to that of South Sudan unless the splm/a-in opposition put much emphsis on the importance of the rule of law and order in areas under their controls. In the case of Juba gov of Jaang hooligans, Lord knows what awaits their fate in the hands of merciless, armed and lawless Jaang who have very little regards for the santity of other beings’s rights to life.

tutu August 2, 2015 at 7:33 am

They will not observe rule of law brother, look what they did in Bor, Akobo,Malakal and other places, so you are yearning for something pretty bad, they have no common sense.

GatNor August 2, 2015 at 12:34 pm

I respectfully disagree with you Tutu. SPLM/A-Pagaak holds the higest acceptable standardized record in comparison to that of juba which claims the statehood status of South Sudan. SPLM/A In Opposition is far more civilized in compliance to the international laws & orders and also respects the human right charters. The hate crimes commited weighs heavely on Juba. Juba gov is officially illegal and one should not expect their leadership to co-operate with anyone. Bull dozing those thugs and smoking those Malong Awan’s Jaang Terrorists with their corrupt gov out of Juba might turn out soon to be the best strategy.

mamer mareng August 1, 2015 at 2:39 pm

To mr Tap koang ,you Don’t know what you said , remember from 1991- to 2002 your movment fail

tutu August 1, 2015 at 4:02 pm

I bet they will not listen to you, people in Yambio are smart and not stupid like you in Upper Nile, there isn’t a reason to turn Western Equatoria in abyss,they got important things to think about and do.

Madut Abraham August 2, 2015 at 6:54 am

GatNor, You are moron and stupid Nuer food addict that always jealous of others good achievements. When it’s come to free south sudan from muslim dominated regime in Khartoum, Equatorian were they first freedom fighters to free south sudan in Anya Nya 1 lead by Joseph Lago . So they are not going to listen to your lost moment and power hunger Dr satan machar.
Also Anya Nya 2 was lead by Dr Garang Mabior . And achievement independence of South Sudan. Now what are you fight for , if you Nuer are not brain wash by Omar Bashir to destroy South Sudan. Why Nuer always rebel ? Even when they in charge . South Sudan belong to all 64 tribes . But Nuer want to make look like Somalia that is what Dr Satan Machar want because he is secret muslim who want to achieved muslims dream of creating wars and take resources when there is no government in charge. Nuer people should be a shame of their work of war and follow stupid Leader who do not have best interest of Nuer people in hard accept the fact that he used them get to power and they died for that. Why Nuer people refuse to select an other leader to replace Dr Satan machar before the war began in 2013. War would have be avoided and many lives would have been save. But they chose war , which come with lost of lives , lost wealth , lost of power , lost of development , lost of schools , lost of hospital , displacement of civilian , more stress to many people , long time and never regain happiness, forever hatred , poison from weapons that cause many health problems , family disconnection forever and so many other bad things that come with war. Nuer them instead of good leader that have intelligence thinking . Now what have Dr Satan machar achieved from 1991 rebel to 2013 rebel ? He always fail and come back to joint that SPLA/SPLM and dead Nuer never returned.

Lualdit August 2, 2015 at 12:42 pm

You can twist and distort the truth to deceive your yourself, but not Naath. The equatorian has no ball to stand up to your bulliness. The hatred that your Jaang started will not be over soon my friend. Now, you got the national resources in your disposal and terrorize the masses, but a day is coming that your village elders will pay the prize. Due to lack of equatorian gut to raise up to the opportunity to fight for federalism, I think the opposition should accept the current peace position since Upper Nile will be under the opposition. Let the international community deal with Jaang if they refuse to sign the peace deal.
Gatnor, I haven’t heard you here in a while. Welcome back with your wisdom and knowledge of what is taking place.

GatNor August 2, 2015 at 12:43 pm

Jaang, liberate yourself then you can talk about who liberated South Sudan. Every South Sudanese have spilt blood one way or the other in the struggle to free South Sudanese. Dont dont bs to me that one South Sudanese is more precious than the other and one contribution is more recognizable than the other. I will not take it lightly. Collectively South Sudan has been partially free from oppression. Jaang have limmited time to forget thinking about oppressing South Sudan. Get that into your Nyanteer sh*t face.

GatNor August 2, 2015 at 12:55 pm

If you come from a good home and Equatorians said please Monyang go back to your good home and you start to put up a fight what does that make you.? Forget about GatNor for a second but let talk about the question a posed. Explain your lawless self to the Equatorians not me. You can peacefully coexist in upper with me or if you chose to make problem we can burn it down all the way upto bar el sh*t.

Madut Abraham August 2, 2015 at 5:40 pm

Lualdit, and Gatnor, you are for war, Naath people act before the reason. That is why Dr Satan will never achieved anything positive than kept failing Naath people. I think now you all missed being in Juba and get your pay check, but your wishful thinking got all of you out Juba leaving your positions and properties for only one position of president that Dr Satan machar desperate to get. Now all Naath people are confuse and clueless what next ,since they were thinking to overthrow the government in one night . Because they think they are fighters .Equatorian people are smart than Naath people, they are not going to listen to war wishes from losers who follow Dr Satan Riek machar for years, only to fail and come to SPLA/SPLM all the time . Now Dr Satan Riek Machar want to come to SPLA/SPLM like in 2002 and dead naath people will not come just died for zero achievement. Naath people do not understand how much others tribe do not like their action. Remember Dr Satan Lam Akol, engineered that , Nuer and Dinka are big tribes , so he said that they be reduced by creating war between Nuer and Dinka. So he told Dr Satan Riek Machar that ,you will be a leader and I will your vice president , let’s us overthrow Dr John Garang Mabior. Satan Riek Machar like it and agreed . In 1991 they rebelled and Omar Bashir. Satan Riek Machar order Naath people to destroyed Bor people and killed civilians and burn houses and took all they cows, goats and sheep. He used Wuronyang , who told naath people they will died and return home and rise to live again . Wuronyang was wick doctor, so naath nuer people agreed and they went and destroyed bor . Same thing again in Dec 15, 2013 Dr Satan Riek Machar rebelled again and used wishcraft doctor name Dakueth who told naath white army that they will capture Juba in three days. Now they world know more about Nuer people that they are not social people that can live peaceful with others no matter where they are or who live with them. You got what you wish for, war. Most of they time , Nuer talk about fighting since 2005 to now , on facebook, sudan tribune and others social media to they world , saying they are number fighters in South Sudan . They never want peace . Just keep fighting , Nubian and Darfur will come and live in your areas, because you do not want peace. You are being used by Dr satan Riek Machar, and you do not see it , because naath act before they reason. Equatorian out smart Nuer people. Do not think you are fighting Dinka, you are fighting they government of south sudan . Soon Dr Satan Riek Machar will go to hid in abroad . Naath will beg to come back as losers.

GatNor August 3, 2015 at 6:43 am

Jaang are taking on evry tribe in South Sudan politically and in the battle fields Nuer tribe included.

ALONEWOLF August 3, 2015 at 3:12 am

Mr gatnor first I missed you bro I hope your girlfriend Nyakaong she is doing well. the jiengs are always free they don’t need any liberation, and Manyang don’t have any home somewhere than all south Sudan should know that.

GatNor August 3, 2015 at 9:03 am

I make it more interesting dont I? Thanks, I am back but not for long. Kinda little busy on the flip side of things.

ALONEWOLF August 3, 2015 at 3:18 am

my brother my inlaw and my friend gatnor where you go if Dr Riek Machar signed agreement with the jiengs government as you called the government of south Sudan.

James Droma August 3, 2015 at 4:29 am

Madut Abraham, Salva Kiir, will die before 2016.

James Droma August 3, 2015 at 4:37 am

If not because of UPDF from my Country Uganda, Should have been capture and killed in 2013 when he was ordered mass killing of unarmed Nuer Civilians on 15-28/12/2013.

James Droma August 3, 2015 at 4:40 am

Salva Kiir Should have been capture and killed in 2013 when he was ordered mass killing of unarmed Nuer Civilians on 15-28/12/2013.

Madut Abraham August 3, 2015 at 3:20 pm

James Droma and GatNor you should tell the true and the truth will set you free . When said Nuer civilians have been killed in Juba, they soldiers in army base in Juba in naath generals company and in satan riek machar tiger . Nuer naath when they were over run by south sudan army in Juba , they run to UNmis company and they rest who did not make it changed their uniform and put civilians clothes . Until you Nuer people starts tell the truth about your wrong doing , you will always fail. There so many educated and smart nuer ,but Dr satan Riek Machar kept destroying their chances to south sudan. Why naath people refuse to select others leaders in Nuer community to replace Dr Satan Riek Machar? If Nuer would select other leader , there would have been no war now south sudan . I do not like Salvar Kiir , because of now ,that is why kiir is in charge . There is way to conduct election to vote kiir out and most of stupid government leaders. That is the reason why many south sudanese are not happy about Nuer action . Nuer think too much about nuer interest. The reason Musenveni of Uganda support Kiir is that , Dr satan Riek machar made friendship with Joseph Kony of LRA during Uganda peace negotiation . Musenveni do not want Joseph Kony to get help from Dr satan Riek Machar , if he become president of south sudan. Also Ethiopian do not like Nuer to in charge because they know one day Nuer people are predicable , they will start they war in Gambela to let Nuer in Ethiopia control Ethiopia government. Plus many tribes in south sudan are tire of war which is always started by Nuer. The only way for naath people in east Africa to be heard is by doing the right thing and tell the truth, because people know more about Nuer behaviors . Nuer people have no accountability for what they do or say. All human being reason, and God know they truth. Nuer people should have say sorry what for all the wrongs things the committed during the struggle of south Sudan. Most of Nuer people were enjoying freedom in Juba since 2005 to 2013 and orphan,wooded people ,widows and most freedom fighters from SPLA/SPLM were left out suffer with out getting anything from the freedom they fought for. But God was watching, so Naath people forgot and start behaving like the in charge or they one who make it posible for south sudan independence. Now Naath people are going to learn in a hard way which they brought for their own self . Dr satan Riek machar think he is smart , he want Upper Nile, Jonglei state and United state to be under rebel control so that he can build strong army to try again to fight for power. That is not going happen , because of they about reasons that I talk about and plus south sudan do not want Dr Satan Riek Machar . If Naath people insist , be prepare for long war with south sudan army . Dr Satan Riek machar is a betrayal during civil war and he will never be a president .


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