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A Never Forgotten Conflict Between The Nuer and Anyuak Tribes!

By Dean Keak,

A Anyuak man dancing to traditional folklore of the Anyuak of Ethiopia. Anyuak and Nuer are found in both South Sudan and Ethiopia(Photo: Stock)
A Anyuak man dancing to traditional folklore of the Anyuak of Ethiopia. Anyuak and Nuer are found in both South Sudan and Ethiopia(Photo: Stock)

Jan 28, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- NUER tribes are well-thinkers, merciful and kind but unfortunately they are neighbored by evil people (Anyuaks) in western part of Ethiopia, Gambella state and Murle tribe in Jonglei State of South Sudan. Nuers are actually good people who can trust anyone they reach an agreement with and they plan evil against no one. Nuers can trust you and give you leadership that they may convert you to their cultures, but because of your arrogant in leadership you can lose it  miserably without getting it again. All I am saying are true and must be documented if anyone is honest to himself. I learn very much from my tribe men. Gambella state consists of five nations based on their populations viz.

  1. Nuer  2. Anyuak  3. Majang(er)  4. Oppo and 5. Komo

Amongst those tribes only Nuer and Anyuak have been thru lingered conflict in Gambella started from their great grand ancestors until NOW.  Anyuak people have been planning many evil plans against Nuer to actually genocide them without any Nuer remaining in the land; Gambella state. But this could be impossible as the One that creates Nuer in creation does not allow it to happen in any circumstances with their evil plans. In 2003, Anyuaks had killed hundreds of Nuer tribes miserably from Pugnido Refugee Camp, Dimma Refugee Camp and thru-out Itang.

The fighting has been resumed in Gambella city between Nuer and Anyuak without forgiving one another. That time he was an Anyuak being the governor of Gambella state by name OKello and Omod Obang as security who becomes a governor latter after signing the fighting between his tribe and Ethiopia government that cause the live of many and flee Gambella state for Diaspora unto this day. Well, when Omod Obang becomes governor, the Anyuak tribes are skyrocketing their evilness against Omod Obang for Omod has signed the war and against Nuer tribes especially those living in Refugees. Anyuaks become bandits that time like never before killing Habesha those supporting Omod Obang and Nuer tribes because of their existing conflict that was until 2012.

In 2013, while Gatluak Tut becomes the governor, the war broke out in South Sudan, there was thousands of Nuer being displaced by war there and Ethiopia hosted them as Refugees, it was the very time where Anyuak people arouse their conflict against Nuer again because Gambella becomes so crowded with the NUER population like never before.

It has been always planned many years back by Anyuak to kill any Nuer whether Refugees or Gambella citizens without doubt. I am very shocking as I heard this horrific news today, Fri 29, 2016, for I am in University of Gondar, Northern Ethiopia, not in Gambella city. This plan for fighting against Nuer have been planned by Anyuak for a year now, but because of Nuer population crowding the city, they simply afraid that way.  You may heard of Newland, Nuer area has been crowded by population and Gambella University has taken the land, then, Gambella government decided that any Nuer could have built his houses back to Don Bosco org. as it is free field, unfortunately Anyuak people do not want this and started to bandit Nuer people those who built their houses there and when Nuer men try to revenge the killing, Gatluak Tut; the governor has rebuked them and they calm down. That was last year.

In this year 2016, deputy governor’s driver start shooting against Nuer cabinet who builds his house there and that Nuer man by name Gatluak Buom Pal from Cieecany fight with those anyuaks last two week ago and again it was yesterday when Anyuak militiamen armed themselves and start fire against Nuer students from college. It is common sense that Anyuak people always become bandits against Nuer or any nations including Habesha when they are in power, but when Nuer becomes governor they would also angry. Actually, this war that happened yesterday is true without doubt that it was planned by Anyuak. They have climbed mango trees and shooting against Nuer in Newland, where Nuer militiamen have no guns in their hands. I was told that Nuer militias could have run to them with swords in their hands, but Nuer polices stop to fight against those evil men; Anyuaks. The war will continue if not managed very well by the government. I guess this time they will get the repercussion of this conflict. Nuer students from different Universities are so furious with such an stupid ACT and they are about to revenge soon without listening any leader.

The writer is a Nuer student from University of Gondar, he can be reached at deankeak2014@gmail.com

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riek January 29, 2016 at 8:06 pm

you Nuer what happen to you? why you leave Anuak, while they kill you? you know Anuak like only those who kill them.you shuold kill them now and donot leave any one from them.

Charles January 29, 2016 at 11:14 pm

Please think well. You have no place in Sudan, why are you afraid of Dinkas? Try Dinka again, we will show you coward and mindless people. Try juba…..

Khot Malieth January 30, 2016 at 1:56 am

You Fucking Charles, didn’t you know that your coward master Dinka people are afraid of us, the Nuers, that they have no choices to defend themselves but to hire foreigners like Ugandan People Defend Forces and Sudanese rebel groups to help them fight the Nuer armies and where did you come up with that lies? Don’t try to cause more trouble between Anyuak people and Nuers because you think it is going help you get new allied fighting your dirty war you can not do it yourselves, you coward Dinka. We know our present homes in Eastern Nuer ,long time ago belonged to Anyuak people but our people converted many of them to Nuer and we have been living together ever since even though they sometimes fight each others but reconcile their differences later.

GatNor January 29, 2016 at 11:25 pm

Any1? You mean including elderly, childrens and women who have no capacity or who have no part in agitating conflicts between the two communities? What then would make these Nuers doing the killing any different from the murderous coward Jur like the Jaang, Anyuaks and useless coward Jang/instigator like you..?

Dump advice. The circumstances of the situation does not call for such unnecessary action. The two communities have a choice of adopting policies of peaceful coexistence that will benifit both equally to reach balanced system even though the indifferences seem more challenging.

Abang January 30, 2016 at 12:11 am

Nuer people are just full of lies, killing, and claming lands. You guys came from s.sudan long ago as a refugees because of a war that has happened in south sudan so we welcomed u and gave u a place to stay. Why all these lies aren’t you even scared of the lies that you are writing. but only god can judge between us and only god can do what he can. Why cant u guys just rest for once from picking a fight or pick one fight and stick with it and stop picking from one country to another. Whoever wrote this most have graduated from lying school you really know how to lie. But has i said before only god can judge this

GneHoth Badeng January 30, 2016 at 1:30 am

Oh my goodness! mommy Abang, I am not lying and if you are honest to yourself you could have believe me 100%. How many times you (Anyuaks) have planned evil plans against us and we forgive you? Please bear the truth!

padiet gahgah February 1, 2016 at 6:35 am

Abang, let me tell you one well-known evile plan done by Anyuak in1978/79, in a viilage call Chotgur very close to Makuach subdistrict administration. The Anyuak by night slaughtered the two teachers from Ethiopia who were sent by Menguistu government to teach the Anyuak children in that village. There was not any problem we knew between them with Ethiopian government. Another evile plan I knew was also done by Anyuak in January 1977, when they attacked and killed Nuer students going for vacation to Itang refugee camp for only one month. The students were escorted by three policemen, two were Ethiopians and one from Anyuak. WHen the attack took place one policeman from Ethiopia tried his best to protect the Nuer students, they killed him. The other two surrendered to Anyuak. By next morning the Anyuak launched an attack on itang refugee camp. I was student in Gambella high school. I know these I am talking about. They happened in my eye. Padiet Gahgah

viva May 7, 2016 at 3:19 am

Hahaa funniest thing I’ve read all month see this is the problem with anyuak people haven’t you guys learned enough this is always the out come of welcoming such people into your lands.

viva May 7, 2016 at 3:27 am

Anyuake people should start inviting and welcoming dankans to our home land so they could finish what they’ve started

Kong June 7, 2016 at 6:05 am

wow i do not now that we nuers are such a lairs. why do we hide the truth about our evil plan against tribes around us like anuak and dinkas. please cease such bad evil plan. and stop killing anuak tribe too.


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