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World leaders stood up for South Sudan on International Peace Day

Sep 22, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — As leaders celebrated the International Peace Day around the world, many leaders had the people of South Sudan in their hearts, a feeling many South Sudanese shared.

General Assembly Seventy-third session
Informal Briefing by the Secretary-General on his Priorities….

Marking the International Day of Peace, the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, sent out a strong and emotional message calling on the leaders of South Sudan to stop fighting while their people are suffering.

In what he called a “simple message”, Guterres told South Sudanese leaders to “think about your people, respect your people”, reteirating that its their moral and constitutional responsiblity to take care of their people.

“I have only one simple message to the people of the country: think about your people, respect your people, you have no right to continue confrontations while your people suffer so much” the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, said in a Live broadcast from Geneva.

“It is your moral and political responsibility to put an end to this and to find the agreement as necessary to make South Sudan enter into a normal life” He added.

Other leaders like the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, prayed for peace in South Sudan and hoped that the most vulnerably populations could find peace.

“Today SouthSudan joins the world in celebrating PeaceDay under the 2020 theme “Shaping Peace Together” as an opportunity to foster dialogue, collect ideas & spread compassion in the wake of COVID19″ Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby said.

“Women, men, boys and girls in South Sudan have for many years borne the burden of devastating conflict. I pray for them relentlessly. This statement on PeaceDay by the Ecumenical Network on SouthSudan is urgent and vitally important” He added.


Other leaders like the head of the UN Mission in South Sudan, David Shearer, went Live calling on South Sudan leaders to breathe life into the implementation of the peace agreement, saying:

“Let’s use international peace day as an opportunity to make that happen, to breathe new life into the peace process so that the agreement is fully implemented as soon as possible,” says David Shearer in his International Peace Day message.

Contrary, the South Sudanese leaders hardly observe the International Day of peace as they spent most of their lifetime in wars.

A peace agreement that was signed two years is still waiting for more political compromises to be implemented.

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