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Whereabouts of the Disappeared South Sudanese Activists Being Revealed

Dong Samuel Luak(R) and Aggrey Idri(L), South Sudanese activists and exiled politicians, who have been detained in Kenya and at risk of unlawful deportation back to South Sudan,(Photo: private file)
Dong Samuel Luak(R) and Aggrey Idri(L), South Sudanese activists and exiled politicians, who have been detained in Kenya and at risk of unlawful deportation back to South Sudan,(Photo: private file)

Nov 16, 2018(Nyamilepedia) — The whereabouts of prominent well respected South Sudanese Human Rights Lawyer and Activist, Dong Samuel Luak and SPLM/A-IO official, economist and vocal government critics, Aggrey Idris, has remain to be a mystery for the last two years. But recent revelations may shed more light on their whereabouts.

The two disappeared off the streets of Nairobi on January 23 and 24, 2017, respectively, in what is believed by many to be a request from South Sudan government on Kenya authorities for the two to be handed over to Juba.

According to Human Right Watch and Amnesty International in 2017 reports, the two organizations said they “received credible reports that the two men had been seen in custody at the National Security Services (NSS) headquarters in Juba on January 25 and 26, 2017, and were then removed from this facility on January 27.” But until then, more about Dong Samuel Luak and Aggrey Idri continued to mesmerize the public.


In a social media post by Col. Williams Endly, the private advisor to SPLM/A-IO leader, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, both Dong Samuel and Aggrey Idri were “taken to the Blue House” a security facility in Juba under the operation of South Sudan National Security Agents.

“As you all know, myself and James Gadet were pardoned and released by President Silva Kiir a few days back. Some other so-called political detainees were also released but most of their names have not been made public. Two members of the SPLM- In-Opposition, Oddri Iggri and Don Samuel were abducted in Nairobi and brought to South Sudan and taken to the Blue House. They were seen by many people and were removed from the center late one night.”Endly writes on social media after his release.


Confirming the doubts of many, Williams calls upon the U.S Federal government to investigate the whereabouts of the two.

“The government continues to deny that they were not in Juba and to date they have not been seen nor have they re-appeared anywhere. An independent investigation into their whereabouts, abductions, and fate should be conducted as a matter of urgency as bad news does not improve with time and the truth has to be told.” He said.

Endly who personally went through the brutality of the prison himself until last month of 31th of October when he and James Gatdet Dak, the Spokesperson of Dr. Riek Machar, were released, specified which department should take this special case into the consideration.

He calls upon the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to move in and lead the role of digging the whereabouts of Dong Samuel and Aggrey Idri.

“The investigation should be undertaken by an establishment such as the American Federal Bureau of Investigation so that prosecutions and other legal action can take place in an international court of law if required.” Endly further wrote.

William exposed the sentiments of his friends inside the prison wall.

The situation of the prisoners in Blue House under the detention of South Sudan security agents remains to be very secretive to the outside world something which worries Right Group. 

According to those who have witnessed the prison ordeals in Juba like Endly, it is one of the worse securities prisons where lives of the detained persons are not valued.

He assured his friends that they are not “forgotten” and give them promise that “the world is watching and waiting.”

“The medical system inside the Blue House was both notorious and shocking and was and still is in contradiction to all international and conventional standards for the treatment of political and other detainees.” Endly emotionally wrote on his social media Facebook profile.


After coming out of the prison he dedicated his time to write poems to his lost friends and  those who continue to live under harsh conditions inside the darkest securities prison the world is yet to know.

Williams, in his long elaborate post wrote, “A report by Amnesty International called “Broken Promises” was released and in it were the names of four detainees who died from ill-treatment and lack of medical care. The report was “rubbished” by the Government of South Sudan as being part of the effort to enforce “regime change” by the Western World. The fact is they did die and I and many others witnessed their unnecessary demise. This poem is dedicated to Andrea Bambi, Mikki Tyson, Richard Otio and Alison Morge. Rest in peace, my friends!.”

Dong Samuel Luak and Aggrey Idri are confirmed by many still to be under the dentition of South Sudan government but the government continue to dismiss this.

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