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Victim Narrates The Curse of Being a Girl Child In Africa’s Youngest Nation

“Even an animal cares more for its children” said their landlord,

Juba, South Sudan.

Young girls carry luggage in an United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) IDP...
Young girls carry luggage in an United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) IDP…

Sept 4, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– “Our parents would beat us with sticks…I don’t know why…we behaved well,” said the seven-year-old girl, the older of the two sisters. The younger one is three-year-old.

She added that their two-year-old brother was never beaten up. For as long as the neighbors can recall, Babuna and Rose never concealed their displeasure over having two daughters.

“The couple would often say that their girls were a burden. All their love was reserved for their son, while the daughters remained neglected,” alleged Simon Karlo, their landlord. “Even animals care more for their children,” he added.

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Virgina, another neighbor, alleged that whenever the couple got into one of their frequent fight, they would take out their frustration on the girls. “They would beat them mercilessly, but they never touched the boy,” he added.

Neighbors alleged that the couple often asked them if anyone wanted to adopt the girls, who were not favored by their paternal grandmother either. “Just two-three days before the girls’ rescue, their grandmother visited them and presented them before the neighbors. She then asked loudly if anyone wanted to adopt them. We looked on dumbfounded. She sounded serious. None of us responded,” recalled Mr. Karlo.

The grandmother lives in a night shelter in the Town. The neighbors believe she visited the girls after learning that they had been abandoned. She left without taking the girls with her.

Alfred Nyarsuk, the chairperson of Mauna Block seven residential areas, quoted the police as saying that the grandmother had been traced but allegedly refused to take care of them.

It has been a week since the children were rescued and hospitalized, but not a single family member has visited them at the Juba teaching hospital. Only neighbors visited them on a couple of occasions.

“Babuna returned home a few times since the incident came to light and we told him about his daughters, but he ignored us saying everything will be fine,” alleged the landlord.

The girls’ mother and brother, meanwhile, remain untraceable. Babuna and Rose never concealed their displeasure over having two daughters

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