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Update: South Sudanese children who went missing in Egypt reunited with family

Sep 12, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — The three South Sudanese children, who went missing in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, on Thursday afternoon have been found and reunited with family.

The siblings who went missing posting for pictures with family members after they were found(Photo credit: supplied)
The siblings who went missing posting for pictures with family members after they were found(Photo credit: supplied)

According to family members, who have been seeking help on social media, the three siblings were found in the care of a good Samaritan in Heliopolis near Ain Shams.

“I am happy to inform you that my children have been found.” Said their mother, Veronica John, who has been helplessly searching everywhere since Thursday afternoon.

“After searching for several nights, we have finally found them. We found them in Heliopolis near Ain Shams.” Veronica continued.

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“In every where there are righteous people who put God first. To date 12/9/2020, the missed  kids of our brothers cde Rout Daniel were found in hand of the one Egyptian who found them on the street.”Said Tut T. Nguany, a family member.

“The kids are safe as you can see them now pray the living God” He continued.

Other family members have expressed their kind words of joy and celebration for the reunion.

“Thanks be to God and to that Egyptian man who took good care of them, may God bless him exceedingly and abundantly” said Puot Tap Riak.

“Amen hallelujah glory be to God for taking good care of this kids and the one who safe their life. Tell to the family to take care of kids when they left home” Akim Tut Jal added.

“Thanks goes to Almighty God who stand with our children who encourage them in good manner without pain” Said Wargak Moses Malow

The three children went missing at 1pm on Thursday afternoon when they left the house without informing their mother, Veronica.

For the past two days, Veronica and other family members have searched everywhere in Ain Shams and reported the case to the local police, South Sudan Embassy and also to the UNHCR.

South Sudanese, who are residing in Egypt, have had bad experiences that include discrimination, bullying and death, and this incident was causing panic; however, the community is now relieved as the children are found and reunited with their mother.

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