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UNSC/RES/2304: Understanding “The Use of All Necessary Means” By The Regional Intervention Force

A draganflyer drone being tested for aerial surveillance with drone programs(Photo: file)
A draganflyer drone being tested for aerial surveillance with drone programs(Photo: file)

August 12, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —–Pursuant to resolution 2304(2016), 2252(2015) among other resolutions, South Sudan Protection Force will use “all necessary means” in its exposure to enhance protection of civilians, installations and all humanitarian actors in the war-torn South Sudan.

The UNSC resolution emphasizes that protection of civilians must be given priority in decisions about the use of available capacity and resources within the mission.

The Council stresses that UNMISS’s mandate as set out in paragraph 8 of resolution 2252 (2015) includes authority to use all necessary means to protect United Nations personnel, installations and equipment to deter violence especially through proactive deployment and active patrolling, to protect civilians from threats, regardless of source, to create conditions conducive to delivery of humanitarian assistance by international and national actors, and support implementation of the Agreement.

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It stresses that such actions include, but are not limited to, within UNMISS’s capacity and areas of deployment, defending protection of civilians sites, establishing areas around the sites that are not used for hostile purposes by any forces, addressing threats to the sites, searching individuals attempting to enter the sites, and seizing weapons from those inside or attempting to enter the sites, removing from and denying entry of armed actors to the protection of civilians sites.

The use of “all necessary means” is intended to advance, in cooperation with the Transitional Government of National Unity, the safety and security of the people of South Sudan and to create an enabling environment for implementation of the Agreement.

The Security Council authorizes the Regional Protection Force to use all necessary means, including undertaking robust action where necessary and actively patrolling, to accomplish the Regional Protection Force’s mandate, outlined but not limited to:

a) Facilitate the conditions for safe and free movement into, out of, and around Juba, including through protecting the means of ingress and egress from the city and major lines of communication and transport within Juba;

b) Protect the airport to ensure the airport remains operational, and protect key facilities in Juba essential to the well-being of the people of Juba, as identified by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General;

c) Promptly and effectively engage any actor that is credibly found to be preparing attacks, or engages in attacks, against United Nations protection of civilians sites, other United Nations premises, United Nations personnel, international and national humanitarian actors, or civilians;

The mandate requests the Regional Protection Force to carry out these tasks as determined by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General.

It recognizes that full and unrestricted freedom of movement is essential for the Regional Protection Force to carry out these tasks and demands the government provide support as needed for the Regional Protection Force to fulfill its mission and calls upon IGAD countries to continue to insist that the South Sudanese fulfill their commitments in this regard

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Deng Matok August 12, 2016 at 10:12 pm

Makes perfect sense, isn’t this what every government wants for its people?
Kiir says he wants peace, but his lapdog Lueth speaks another language entirely.
Kiir, time to get rid of Lueth?

Strongly condemning all human rights violations and abuses and violations of international humanitarian law, including those involving extrajudicial killings, ethnically targeted violence, rape and other forms of sexual and gender-based violence, recruitment and use of children, enforced disappearances, arbitrary arrests and detention, violence aimed at spreading terror among the civilian population, targeting of members of civil society, and attacks on schools, places of worship, hospitals, and United Nations and associated personnel, by all parties, including armed groups and national security forces, as well as the incitement to commit such abuses and violations, further condemning harassment and targeting of civil society, humanitarian personnel and journalists, and emphasizing that those responsible for violations of international humanitarian law and violations and abuses of human rights must be held accountable, and that South Sudan’s Transitional Government of National Unity bears the primary responsibility to protect its populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and crimes against humanity,

Whortti Bor Maanza August 12, 2016 at 10:35 pm

The UN is gradually coming in bit by bit. Kiir will not make it to 2017.
Poor cattle keeper who ma

Beek August 13, 2016 at 1:11 am

It is you who is going to give up or give in. Government in Juba in another stage ,very which good. You can not be the rebels while you are in the government. Law and order are needed.

GatNor August 13, 2016 at 12:47 am

This will change the lives of ordinary citizens for better and the thugs in Juba can make their way to ICC one tribal extremist at a time. The end of impunity and lawlessness is here. Those who want power and big positions can do it within the framework of the law.


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