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UNMISS sends more troops to Bunj, Upper Nile region

Jan 20, 2021(Nyamilepedia) — UNMISS has deployed additional peacekeepers and reinforced troop mobility with more vehicles to stabilize the fragile security situation in Maban, near Bunj, in the Upper Nile region, following recent conflict.

UNMISS forces in South Sudan (Photo credit: courtesy image)
UNMISS forces in South Sudan (Photo credit: courtesy image)

According to a statement released by the NGO, it deployed increased the number of Rwandan peacekeepers deployed here by 50 additional troops as well as reinforced their capacity with extra vehicles and an Armored Personnel Carrier.

“For our peacekeepers to be agile, responsive and effective in quelling any future outbreaks, they need greater mobility. That’s why we’re not just placing more boots on the ground but are also simultaneously bolstering their ability to conduct intensive and frequent patrols,” said Lieutenant-General Shailesh Tinaikar, UNMISS Force Commander.

The peacekeepers patrolled Maban, a county near Bunj, from 5-8 January to assess the situation.

 UNMISS reported that the patrol team met with the acting county commissioners for north-east and south-west Maban and took part in the local Security Committee meeting, attended by local law enforcement and youth leaders.

UNMISS patrol leader said that the security in the area is fragile while ascertaining that they will nip any possible conflict.

“It was a fruitful interaction and we got to know quite a great deal about what community members are going through given the current instability and tensions,” stated Lt Augustin Karegeya, Patrol Leader. “Security in the overall Bunj area is definitely fragile at the moment and we’re here to make sure that we nip any possible conflict in the bud.”

David Shearer, the head of UNMISS said they are engaging with authorities at the national and local level to ensure that civilians living in Maban are protected and able to live safely.

He added that “Increasing our troops on the ground will also help deter further violence while efforts are made to resolve tensions between the groups involved so that community members can resume their normal lives.”

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