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Tigray overwhelmingly celebrates victory but remains on guard to fight on despites ceasefire

June 30, 2021 — The Ethiopia rebel group, which identifies itself as the Government of the National State of Tigray, expresses its appreciations to the people of Tigray region who bore brunt of over seven months of fighting the federal government but calls on them to remain vigilant to defend their city and the region after regaining control for the first time in seven months.

Tigray forces at a stadium in the capital, Mekelle(Photo credit: supplied)
Tigray forces at a stadium in the capital, Mekelle(Photo credit: supplied)

The government of the embattled Tigray region has announced on Monday, June 28 2021, that they regained control of their region following the victory scored by  the Tigray Defense forces (TDF).

In a statement by  the Tigray government, extended to Nyamilepedia, the government of Tigray region informs the public and Tigray sympathizers that the Tigray Defense Forces have finally gained full control of their “Mekelle town”, capital of Tigray region and claims to have restored hopes for the people of Tigray

“First and foremost, we would like to share the great news to the entire people and friends of Tigray that our beloved capital city, Mekelle is now under the complete control of the Tigray Defense Forces and the legally elected Tigray Government is back in its rightful place”, Stated  in a Tigray Region’s Press Release.

” This stunning victory was made possible as a result of lightning operation named after the great African General Ras Alula Aba Nega” part of the statement reads.

The regional government, which was disposed and labelled as a terrorist organization by the Federal government in late November 2020, announced  that the people of Tigray are now exercising their natural rights in their region after they expelled the invaders with what it described as full energy stemming from unwavering unity and strong coordination. 

“The people of Tigray are now beginning to assert and practice their full rights as citizens because they defeated the invading forces under well coordinated and heroic unity”, it stressed.

The government of the embattled region further reiterated that the region will be a red-line for unnamed coalitions which it terms as “unholy” of inflicting sufferings on people, assuring that the Tigray Defense Forces will always expect victory for they are fighting for a  just cause.

“We reiterate our expressed commitment and pledge that Tigray will indeed be the graveyard (and not a free ground for atrocities) of unjust and unholy coalition of invading forces”, it continues “This  being realized because our struggle is just and fought to defend the full rights of our people.

Mocking the Ethiopian army, the TDF said the invaders, who subjected their people to untold sufferings, are now going through embarrassing defeats at all front lines.

” The invading enemies that have inflicted unimaginable suffering on the people of Tigray are now indeed suffering stunning and embarrassing defeats in all fronts”,it emphasized.

The government of Tigray region calls on all youth in Tigray region to be on standby against what it dubbed as the “Reincarnation of the dictatorial Dergue regime and Army of Dr. Abiy Ahmed and his supporters” which it believes might likely re-launch offensives on the region anytime to disrupt peace, loot their properties and kill them including their animals.

“We call on our people, and in particular the youth, to be on constant alert to protect the entire city and its people against any forces that might try to commit inexcusable and unforgivable crimes on human lives and property”, it further said.

The Tigray government also reaffirmed its steadfastness and determination to defend its people against any aggressive attacks until the environment becomes safe for them. 

“The government of Tigray will continue to work diligently on all fronts to quickly secure the safety and security of its people and calls on all the people and Tigray Defense forces to stay vigilant, relentless and on constant alert until Tigray is fully free of all invading forces”, it concluded.

The Tigray region has been a hot zone following the disagreement between the Prime Minister and the regional government which resulted into a full scale war between the Tigray Defense Forces and the National Army under the Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed.

The Ethiopian government declared a ceasefire yesterday after it lost Mekelle city, their last stronghold, to Tigray Defense Forces; however, the Tigray Defense Forces so far does not take ceasefire seriously.

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