The United States is “Alamred and Concerned” Over Looming Genocides in South Sudan

The South Sudanese warring parties are conducting their military campaigns in spite of ceasefire agreement( (White House/Pete Souza))
The South Sudanese warring parties are conducting their military campaigns in spite of ceasefire agreement( (White House/Pete Souza))

December 06, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——- The outgoing Obama administration is alarmed and concerned about the ongoing violence in the Equatorian region and news of a looming genocide in the world’s newest state, South Sudan; a country believe is a product of the United States’s tough foreign relations and polices.

According to Mark C. Toner, the Deputy Department Spokesperson, who spoke from Washington, DC, the United States is alarmed by the violence in the Equatoria region of South Sudan and concerned it could quickly spiral out of control.

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The deputy ambassador warns that the United States has learned from the United Nations that a genocide could break out any time and the United States is determined to impose armed embargo and sanctions but weather such measures could mean anything remains to be seen.

“The UN’s Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide recently warned that the South Sudanese “conflict has transformed into what could become an outright ethnic war” and that it “could evolve into genocide if something is not done now to stop it.” The UN Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan reported ethnic cleansing in multiple parts of the country, with people driven from their homes through murder, starvation, gang rape, and the burning of villages. This situation is intolerable and will worsen the already dire humanitarian crisis.”  Said the Deputy Spokesman.

“Ethnically-motivated hate speech, the targeting of civilians, and sexual violence is becoming widespread.” Mark continued.

The deputy spokesman confirmed that the United States is aware of government destruction and recruitment of militias to pursue military option and ethnics targeting.

“We have confirmed that more than 1900 homes have been destroyed in Central Equatoria since September. The government has mobilized at least 4,000 irregular ethnic militia and deployed them to Central Equatoria – a substantial increase in the overall number of government-affiliated soldiers in the region – increasing the likelihood of more clashes with armed opposition groups and attacks against innocent civilians.”  Mark said.

The deputy spokesman reiterates that further violence is not, however, inevitable and leaders on all sides can and must order an end to all attacks on civilians immediately and work to create the conditions for peace.

Mark calls on the international community to do its part saying “We can do so by imposing an arms embargo to end the parties’ ability to acquire and maintain weapons, especially heavy weapons, military vehicles, and aircraft. We should also impose targeted sanctions on those who seek through incitement and violence to turn their country into a graveyard.”

“Imposing these measures will help deter other South Sudanese leaders from engaging in the same activity.” He explains.

Although the United States, under Obama leadership, has done almost nothing to stop the conflict, Mark warms that the United States will not turn a blind eye to the ongoing atrocities in South Sudan

“We cannot turn a blind eye to these crimes, and must ensure that all those who order, incite or commit violence against civilians are held accountable, including through rapid creation of the Hybrid Court for South Sudan.” He said

“We will continue to demand unhindered access for UNMISS and humanitarian actors, and support the UN’s mandate to protect civilians and to deploy the Regional Protection Force to Juba. Lastly, we will continue to support local conflict mediation efforts and an inclusive political dialogue as a means to address grievances.” He continued.

So far many South Sudanese believe that genocides and massacres have been committed in South Sudan national and states capitals in Juba, Bor, Malakal, Wau, Bentiu and parts of Equatoria yet the Obama administration has focused mainly on humanitarian and protecting none South Sudanese Americans in that country.

With Obama administration leaving office, there is a bit of hopes that Trump’s Republican Administration could intervene more effectively to help end South Sudan conflict.

The US President-Elect, Donald Trump, is already considering a new line up that will replace Secretary John Kerry, Dr. Susan Rice, Amb. Samantha Power, Amb. Donald Booth and other key politicians in US’s foreign relations docket.

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