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Sudanese Prime Minister in high spirit to sign the final peace agreement with other stakeholders

Oct 2, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Sudan’s multi-stakeholders have gathered in the South Sudanese capital, Juba, to sign or witness the signing of the long awaited peace agreement from one of the least expected peace avenues in the world.

Prime minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdok arriving in South Sudan Juba for the final signing of the peace agreement(Photo credit: supplied)
Prime minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdok arriving in South Sudan Juba for the final signing of the peace agreement(Photo credit: supplied)

The Sudanese Prime minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdok arrived at Juba International Airport on Friday, October 2, ahead of Saturday’s signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

Before leaving Khartoum, the Sudanese Prime Minister announced his departure and rallied his country behind him giving them hopes and impression that his leadership is ready to begin phase-two which is the implementation of the peace agreement.

“Today, I am heading to Juba to attend the signing ceremony at the end of phase one of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement with our fellow armed conflict movements, and to consider the beginning of phase two.” Prime Minister Hamdok said.

Dr. Hamdok acknowledges that his country has been held hostage for decades and he sees opportunity, thanks to the revolution that overthrew the former dictator, through initiatives like this comprehensive peace agreement to restore the country and foreign relations within the region and the world.

“Since independence, we have not succeeded in achieving a harmonious formula between the issues of comprehensive peace and democratization, so as to pave the way for political stability, balanced development, and better external relations with the neighbourhood and the world. Thanks to the December Revolution, there is an opportunity and opportunity to accomplish this deferred duty.” Hamdok said.

The Prime Minister believes that the next phase will not be easy but as long as the local population and international partners positively market the peace content and work to implement it the long awaited dreams of the Sudanese people could be achieved.

“The next biggest challenge is to work with all local and international partners carefully to evangelize the agreement and its gains for our people, care and download it to the land of reality in order to achieve The December Promise to our citizens in exodus and asylum camps , and all my country.” Prime Minister Hamdok said.

The Sudanese signatories have arrived in the South Sudan capital and are expected to initial the Comprehensive peace accord on Saturday morning at 10:30AM at Dr. John Garang Mausoleum.

Although mediating the Sudanese peace agreement, South Sudan is in a deeper crisis compared to the Northern neighbor, however, hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese are expected to cheer up the Sudanese leaders for signing their peace agreement.

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