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SPLM/A-IO Leadership: “No National Dialogue Without Political Settlement”

SPLM/A-IO leader, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, holding JMEC Chairman, Festus Mogae, to account for failing to resuscitate the peace agreement to end the conflict in South Sudan(Photo: file)
SPLM/A-IO leader, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, holding JMEC Chairman, Festus Mogae, to account for failing to resuscitate the peace agreement to end the conflict in South Sudan(Photo: file)

April 4, 2017(Nyamilepedia) ——- For a national dialogue to hold in an ethically fragmented country like South Sudan, a genuine political settlement must be brokered by independent organizations, says the SPLM/SPLA(IO) Secretary General, Cde. Tingo Peter Lingbo.

Responding to Festus Mogae, the former Botswana’s President, who currently presides over the defunct IGAD peace monitoring mechanism, the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission(JMEC), the SPLM/A(IO) leadership argues that entering a national dialogue led by President Salva Kiir as its patron will never stop the war or change anything in South Sudan.

“The SPLM/A-IO believes that President Salva Kiir is trying to dialogue with himself and his friends. This will never yield any tangible results. You cannot dialogue with a friend. This is not a national dialogue. It is a monologue” Said. Tingo Peter, the Secretary General of the largest armed opposition in the country.

According to his long statement, Tingo explains that the current genocides in South Sudan are being presided over by President Salva Kiir to stay in power.

The Opposition further explains that the famines and starvations in South Sudan are deliberately planned in Juba by Salva Kiir’s administration to reduce populations of non-Dinka tribes in the world’s youngest nation.

“President Kiir is fully responsible for the mess in South Sudan and should not dare to become the patron of the dialogue. He (Kiir) unilaterally mandated the institutions of SUDD Institutes and Ebony Centre [another two dinka establishments] which are tribally affilliated to be in charge of organizing the national dialogue, that is not acceptable.” Said SG Tingo.

“For a genuine and credible national dialogue to be conducted in an ethically fragmented country like South Sudan, a peaceful environment is a prerequisite. Peace must prevail first across the country to ensure that broken ties and peaceful co-existence are restored” Tingo continued.

Contrary to the views of the opposition, Juba is prepared to go ahead with a national dialogue as war goes on various parts of the country.

On March 10th, President Salva Kiir and his inner circle organized a “National Day of Prayer” in the capital Juba. While the leaders prayed in Juba, fighting continued concurrently in Wau of Ayod County and also in Yuai of Uror County as government forces and allied militias tried to gain more territories. Other fightings continued around Torit and Raja at around this time.

More than a month later, despite the prayers, South Sudan situation continued to deteriorate. In addition to escalating famine and fighting, two air cargo planes crushed in Wau, Western Bhar el Ghazal state, and Yei of Yei River State.

South Sudan economy has continued to worsen as South Sudanese Pound depreciates to 150 SSP a dollar, one of its lowest drops in 5 years.

Although the National Dialogue is unilateral and bears less potentials to restore peace, JMEC Chairman, Festus Mogae, visited Dr. Riek Machar Teny, Chairman and Commander in Chief of SPLM/A-IO, in Pretoria, South Africa, last week.

Mogae asked Machar to denounce violence and join Salva Kiir’s national dialogue. In response, Machar politely turned down Mogae’s offer and instead held him accountable for the ongoing genocides and famines.

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TAap April 4, 2017 at 3:14 am

National dialogue without peace is like a soup without salt, so Mogae must bring peace first before dialogue.

yangi April 4, 2017 at 4:35 am

Well done IO,
Had you to stand your ground like this you would have achieved your goals long long time ago.
Just look at the body language between Dr Riak and Mogae, it can say it all.
Stand your ground IO, as the saying, no one can ride your back unless its bend.

GatNor April 7, 2017 at 9:32 pm

have you guys noticed the tittle of the book on the table.. its pure stupid subliminal messages and guess whose book it is.. you probably right, Mogae reading up on garbage instead he failed to monitor the peace agreement signed years ago.


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