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SPLM/A-IG Prevents Citizens From Leaving The Capital As Foreign Citizens Exit Juba

Non South Sudanese evacuate South Sudan capital, Juba, following intense fighting between the rival forces(Photo: file)
Non South Sudanese evacuate South Sudan capital, Juba, following intense fighting between the rival forces(Photo: file)

July 17, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The leading faction of SPLM/SPLA under President Salva Kiir prevents citizens from leaving the country amid attrocities and more fear of violence.

Following five days of intense fighting in the country, many foreign citizens including Americans, Europeans and other Africans started leaving the country with no assurance that they would return soon.

Many South Sudanese, who hold dual citizenships have tried to leave the country on their second passports; however, most of them were pulled from the queue at Juba international airport and arrested by the Kiir’s national security.

According to credible sources, the SPLM/A-IG security forces at the airport detained citizens along tribal lines.

“Our trusted sources are saying that, it’s only those who hailed from non Dinka ethnic groups of South Sudan, are prevented from leaving Juba. All South Sudanese who have dual citizenship from Dinka ethnic group are allowed to board planes or cross borders to Uganda.” Alphonse Kenyi said.

“I have never seen this in my life even when we were under Jalaba. Let us pray for God to intervene.” he continued.

According to advisory notice issued by the United States Department, due to delayed scrutiny on citizens holding dual citizenships, US could not help South Sudanese-Americans.

“the Government of South Sudan is scrutinizing the travel documents of dual nationals, with an apparent focus on South Sudanese government and political affiliation, particularly of male dual nationals.” part of the statement reads.

“As a result of this scrutiny, there have been delays and some U.S.-South Sudanese dual nationals have been prohibited from leaving the country.” the notice continued.

The Canadian counterpart, under Global Affairs Canada, declares similar regrets over evacuating Canadians with South Sudanese citizenship.

“Airport authorities in Juba have prevented some dual citizens who entered South Sudan on their South Sudanese passport from leaving the country using their Canadian passport when they did not have the proper residence permit in their Canadian passport.” the statement reads.

“Some dual citizens in this situation have had their Canadian passport confiscated. There are also reports that local authorities have detained South Sudanese citizens attempting to leave the country using foreign passports,” adds the advisory.

“The Government of Canada does not currently have the ability to provide consular and other support at the airport.” the Canadians advisory continued.

The whereabout of some citizens, who were detained by the security at the airport, are yet to be discovered.

At least 20 citizens, mostly from Machar’s Nuer tribe holding dual citizenships, were kidnapped at the airport on July 13 in Juba.

Similar incidents happened during the war in Malakal and other parts of the country for employees of the United Nations and other independent bodies with Nuer identity for the last two years.  Some were killed and others were recovered.

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Angelo Uguak July 26, 2016 at 7:16 am

What was their policies behind for holding two passport those who hold foreign passport are always criminal they entered South Sudan using South Sudanese Passport when they are leaving the country they use foreign Passport what kind of people they are? The should be detained, torture, harm jail, and kills


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