SPLM-IO Youth League Mobile Youth To Join Rebellion

Nuer dance group during Ethiopian all-tribes cultural event celebration in Gambella town, capital of Gambella regional government, December 9, 2015 (Photo/file).
Nuer dance group during Ethiopian all-tribes cultural event celebration in Gambella town, capital of Gambella regional government, December 9, 2015 (Photo/file).

Sept 23, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- The SPLM-IO Youth League in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, are certain that South Sudan Peace Agreement has collapsed, the nation has collapsed and the Economy as well has collapsed.

To restore South Sudan, the Youth League calls on its members to mobilize youth nationwide to join rebellion against Salva Kiir government.

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The youth are concerned that the region has failed to intervene in restoring ARCISS and therefore the youth must take law into their own hands.

“Due to the recent event unfolding in the republic of South Sudan, we the SPLM-Youth League in Ethiopia deeply troubled and very concerned by the actions of Salva Kiir Mayardit against the peace agreement while the partners of the ARCISS are unwilling to come to term with the reality that Salva Kiir will never implement the peace agreement.” Reads part of their report.

According to Riek Zong Riek, the Chairperson Of Splm-Youth League In Ethiopia,  after conducting meetings among themselves the youth in Ethiopia, both in cities, and in the refugee camps, have agreed on the following

  • We also strongly condemned Salva Kiir regime for continues air offensives against the civil population in Nasir town, and killing of the people of Equatoria for their right decision to oppose the genocidal regime and joined Freedom Fighters. If this is what the regime in Juba want than we the youth shall give them the taste for their request.
  • We considered the July incident as a plot to assassinate the People’s Leader Dr. Riek Machar by the genocidal regime in collaboration with former Chief Negotiator Gen. Taban Deng Gai in order to bring the last hope of an agreement to an end.
  • We are calling upon the South Sudanese youth across the globe to join us. We are already mobilizing our young men and women to team up in several Armed Opposition military training camps across the South Sudan to dismantle the genocidal regime which doesn’t want to bring the situation in our country to an end.
  • We hereby declared August Peace Agreement collapsed and accept to defend ourselves with whatever the means on our disposal against the genocidal regime in Juba.

Riek said “the SPLM/A-IO under the leadership of the able leader, Dr. Riek Machar is committed to the implementation of the peace agreement but so far we are frustrated by the actions of Salva Kiir Mayardit.”

The youth chairman threatens that the League has capacity to mobilize for an all-out full scale war should the government continue to pursue war rhetorics.

“It should be noticed that SPLM-Youth League in Ethiopia have capacity to mobilize its manpower for total all-out war in South Sudan.” He added.

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DINGIT NA TUGGÖ September 23, 2016 at 1:34 pm

I once said, we all must be part of the distruction if we want peace

Karlo Momoi Hidang September 24, 2016 at 6:09 am

Bravo comrades. This the Spirit. Let’s bring in Peter Cadet and let’s put down with our trival differences.


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