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SPLA Spokesman Lul Ruai Kong, not Concern Over Assassination of His Nuer Tribesmen in The Capital

SPLA-IG spokesman, Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Kong enjoying the Nile during his breaks(Photo: LRK)
SPLA-IG spokesman, Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Kong enjoying the Nile during his breaks(Photo: LRK)

Dec 9th, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– At least two young South Sudanese men from the Nuer ethnic group were assassinated in the capital, Juba, this week.

According to relatives, late Buai Gatkuoth and Kuol Yuol, who are estimated to be 31 and 25 years old, respectively, were kidnapped on their way back to the UN Protection of civilians’ sites on Tuesday evening.

According to report extended to Nyamilepedia, the two young men left the IDPs camp on Tuesday morning to seek opportunities outside the congested camps with hopes to return home in the evening, however, Buai and Kuol met their fates in the hands of their countrymen.

Speaking on behalf of the IDPs, the camp chairman, Mr. Gabriel Gatkhor, said this happened on the 5th of December, 2017.

“It happened on the 5th; they caught these men and then they detained them. Then on 6th they assassinated them,” said Mr Gatkhor.

According to Mr. Gatkhor, the kidnappers had contact with families and relatives of their victims who pledged to pay them money to release their sons, however, the assassins, who are suspected to be members of SPLA(Juba), refused to take any money.

“They asked the personnel that please we are going to give you money and would you be able to release our people? The men refused that they are not going to release them but deal away with them.” Mr. Gakhor explained to media.

Contacted on the matter, the SPLA spokesman, Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Kong, refused to release any information or knowledge saying that it was not his concern.

“Let those who are concerned do more in terms of getting accurate information,” he said.

Showing no interest in the tragic death of the two young men, Brig. Lul said those who are interested to know whatever happened should contact UNMISS or other UN authorities who are their primary custodians.

“The best relevant authority would be those who are in charge of the IDPs to comment, as well as the minister of humanitarian affairs.” Lul.

Like Brig. Lul Ruai Kong, no politician in Juba has shown any concern over this incident and other similar incidents in the world’s most troubled capital, Juba.

Many similar tragic incidents have happened in Juba within the last few weeks, however, the government blame them on “unknown gunmen”. So far no one is held to account.

Despite continued death through assassinations and what would be first or second degree murder in other countries, South Sudan continues to bleed right from its national capital to states’ capitals and cattle camps settlements yet the government has taken very little efforts to resolve them.

Nearly 100 people have been killed in Western Lakes state and about 49 others were killed in the new Jonglei state in ethnic feuds within the last three weeks.

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