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South Sudan’s Eastern Jikany community distances itself from SPLM-IO defections

Photo: Former South Sudan Petroleum Minister and ex-SPLM-IO senior member Dak Duop Bichiok | Credit | Nyamilepedia Press

April 24, 2020 (Nyamilepedia) – South Sudan’s Eastern Jikany community in Kenya has distanced itself from this month’s defection of senior SPLM-IO political and military officials saying it is not a political organization but rather a social organization.

In a statement extended to Nyamilepedia on Friday, the community organization said the defection including of some members of the organization was self-motivated and do not represent the will of all the members of the organization in Kenya.

“In the regard to the above reference, we would like to stated categorically that Jikany Nuer Community is none political and none profit making organization based on our local constitution, therefore we wanted to clear the public doubt that the recent defection of the few members in Kenya it has no connection with the Jikany Nuer people as the community rather than individuals who are exercising their personal rights,” the statement partly reads.

“The defection of the few members includes Mr. Peter Bachuch Mun who is the chairman of Eastern Jikany Nuer Community in Kenya, Jimma Kir Guicwang Ulang County Chairperson and Nyakoth Stephen Chiech-deputy Chairlady of Chei-nyalieth association in Kenya, so we believe the decision made by those members to support the defection of the Hon. Dak Duop Bichiok from the SPLM-IO to the SPLM-IG it’s just self motive for them to practice their political interest which in the reality their move got no support from the Jikany Nuer Community in Kenya, hence we know significant portion of the earth believe that they can do what is right or wrong for themselves without involving the community as their coverage,” it added.

The statement further said it will not accept the use of the community by politicians for the sack of their personal gains and further urged the people of Eastern Jikany to refer to the defection as personal from certain politicians and not from the whole community.

“We recognize the role of every politicians/generals or other national servants who may be the Sons and Daughters of  Eastern Jikany Nuer as well we truly value the different kind of the contributions they ensured toward the community development but the community will never effort to follow each and every persons whenever they feel to change their political arena every times they wish to do so, because the community is the last destination and final umbrella which unite us and that will be the very reason why we shall not trade the community name just for the political game or motives which mostly in the long run got no end,” the statement said.

“Meanwhile we call upon all people who fall short, reached to their personal conclusion terming the defection of few members as the whole community decision, to review their words and let them learn to know that each person decision shall never determine the community stand. So we still focusing on the country peace implementation which we expected to meet the rights of every citizen and shall accommodates the interest of south Sudan people equally in order to re-enjoy the national services at home country. In that case there shall be no political promise that will make us more excited apart from expecting to celebrate the productive peace agreement together with other 64tribes members in the Republic of South Sudan because the peace implementation is the only hope to every citizen in the world’s youngest Nation.

“In fact the Jikany Nuer Community its majority population currently live in Ulang, Longechuk, Maiwut and Nasir counties – Upper Nile, South Sudan. So we the few members found ourselves in Diaspora or in other cities could be considered as the community representatives to play positive role on the success of the society, therefore it would sound very regrettable to trade the great name of our beloved community for the today gain, political games and political promises.

“Lastly, we encourage our valuable Brothers, Sisters, Mothers and Fathers in the political space regardless of the political affiliations kindly let’s bear with the reality of our nature because it’s our huge task and great responsibility as person or group to protect the community image, reputation and for this to happen we must individually accepted to friendly isolate the great name of our community Jikany Nuer from any kind of the political pledge of allegiance in the country and thereafter our own history will appreciate us without limitation and shall remember us all in the future for the positive efforts as its rightful Sons and Daughters.”

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