South Sudanese Students in Egypt revive South Sudan Students’ Union (SSGSU)

Heading paper of the South Sudan General Students' Union (SSGSU) in Universities and Higher Institutes in Egypt.
Heading paper of the South Sudan General Students’ Union in Universities and Higher Institutes in Egypt (SSGSU) .



Mar 10th 2018(Nyamilepedia) – South Sudanese students studying in Egyptian Universities and Higher Institutes on Friday elected  a new leadership in a bid to revive the South Sudan General Students’ Union Universities and Higher Institutes in Egypt (SSGSU). This came after four years of confusion within the student society as cited by some.

Ngor Deng Aguek, a student from Cairo University, won in a landslide and become the president-elect pending a period given to those who wish to challenge the results before taking oath. Nyoksat Machar, from Cairo University – Khartoum Branch, was elected the Secretary General.

The SSGSU has been inactive since 2013 when students from different ethnic groups boycotted an election in a dispute and has since buy tramadol no prescription needed remain inactive for the last five years.

Nuer Students withdrew from election

Friday’s elections was meant to mark a new start for South Sudanese students in Egypt, however, anger similar to the one in 2013 which led to the suspension of the SSGSU flared up when leaders of four students association issued a join statement boycotting the elections accusing the election board of ethnic bias after failing to hold accountable some – including candidates – students who used a ethnic language referring to the Nuer, Equatorians, and Shilluk as rebels. Nyamilepedia has learned that the Nuer students, the Greater Equatoria Students, the Shilluk and Faratit students were advised by their leaders not to vote in the elections.

However, some Facebook users said the leak were fake and were mean to distort the image of the contesting candidates.


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