South Sudanese Community In Europe Commemorates December 15 Genocide

December 22, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——Hundreds of South Sudanese people from all over Europe gathered in Denmark to commemorate the Genocide committed against the Nuer by South Sudan government on December 2013.

SPLM-IO Representatives, community leaders, faith based groups from Germany, Norway, Finland and other countries within the region have converged in Denmark to mark the day. December 15 is the day when President Salva Kiir Mayardit committed Genocide on ethnic

South Sudanese children in Denmark dressed in black in commemorating Nuer Genocide of December 15, 2013 (Photo/nyamilepedia).
South Sudanese children in Denmark dressed in black in commemorating Nuer Genocide of December 15, 2013 (Photo/nyamilepedia).

Nuer group in Juba, an act referred to as State Policy in report later released by African Union Commission of Inquiry chaired by former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo. The number of the Nuer killed in door to door executions varies greatly, some media outlets placed the number killed as over 20,000 while a few local and regional media affirmed that the number of Nuer civilians killed in Juba on December 15-20, 2013 couldn’t be below 50,000.

December 15, marks the Genocide in South Sudanese history, is remembered by South Sudanese every year worldwide, some communities joined in to commemorate the day saying the tragedy is beyond the Nuer as President Salva Kiir consistently resorts to mass killing of those who don’t hail from his Dinka tribe.

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Koang Pal Chuol Ranley, a well respected elder in Nuer community in Denmark and organizer of the event said the commemoration of December 15 is crucial in a sense that it brought together all South Sudanese communities from all walks of life to mourn together and console one another, because the truth is that each one of us has lost a family member from Kiir’s war. Koang said December 15, 2013 was the first Genocide on ethnic Nuer but the second Genocide on great people of Greater Equatoria has already started in the past few months and still ongoing in the eyes of the world.

“Today we are commemorating in Denmark to remember our hero or martyrs who were killed in cold blood in Juba by President Kiir in December 15, 2014. It’s so sad that the world is in love with African dictators and murderers, they are watching Salva Kiir as he continues killing innocent civilians in mass number daily in Greater Equatoria and other regions. The world has allowed Salva Kiir to get away with Genocide, selective murders and rape,” narrates Koang Pal Chuol Ranley.

Festo Malish, SPLM-IO Representative in Denmark said the world is so blind to see atrocities committed by Salva Kiir. But he blamed his Equatorian people for not rescuing the Nuer when President Salva Kiir was on rampage killing the innocent Nuer in Juba on December 5, 2013.

“We, as Equatorians laid back and had done nothing to rescue Nuer whom Kiir tried to wipe out, that’s not good on our side. But I am glad with the current position of Equatorians in their stance against the dictatorship, South Sudan is for all tribes, not for Dinka tribe alone; we all bled together for this nation. Nuer are very courageous, strong and brave people but they have been subjected to hell of brutality by Kiir’s regime. December 15 is a national day for mourning, a day when the sky fell on South Sudan,” Festo Malish delivered a powerful speech as he shed tears.

SPLM-IO Representative in Finland Gatluak Monykuany Buop called upon South Sudanese communities in Europe to live in harmony as united people, saying ethnic cleansing being carried out under umbrella of Jieng Council of Elders throughout South Sudan must be resisted. We as South Sudanese fought repressive Khartoum regimes but none of them had never committed Genocide on any South Sudanese communities in the way Salva Kiir did. Gatluak Monykuany is elder brother to Dr. Nhial Monykuany Buop, a medical doctor who was shot dead in April 2014 in Bentiu town by South Sudan army under President Salva Kiir while attending to his patients.

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obena mothiang December 22, 2016 at 9:01 am

I grateful thank my brothers and sisters who have been scape from war zone (South Sudan) for safety abroad and seting tears for us flesh remainder south sudanese under leadership of “Salpha” government

Simon changgo December 24, 2016 at 3:51 am

There,is no president in world can lead the nation with daily degree axcept s,sudan

Tuach Gatwech December 25, 2016 at 9:44 pm

Great thanks to diaspera South Sudanese Nuer for comemorated the day.


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