South Sudanese-Canadian Plans To Commemorate Dec 15 In Ontario, Canada

Dec 14, 2018(Nyamilepedia) —- South Sudanese communities in Ontario, Canada, will come together on December 15, 2018, to commemorate the death of their loved ones who were massacred in what continued to be an ethnicized political conflict in the world’s youngest Nation, South Sudan.

On December 8th, 2018, the South Sudanese community in Ontario converged under the auspice of the Nuer Community, chaired by Mr. Khan Koang Nyaeljiok, in Hamilton, Ontario to finalize their preparation for the fifth December 15th commemoration.

Speaking to Nyamilepedia at the scene, the chairman of the Nuer Community Association of Ontario invites South Sudanese Canadians in greater Ontario to attend the commemoration.

“On behalf of the Nuer Community Association of Ontario, we cordially extend this invitation to all South Sudanese to come and participate in 5th commemoration service scheduled to take place on December 15, 2018” Mr. Puok Golong, the Secretary General reiterates.

“Please join this important honouring to our innocent brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers murdered by government in South Sudan.” He continued.

The event will be held at Howard Johnson Hotel: 1333 Weber Street, Kitchener, Ontario from 12:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time(EST).

The meeting was attended by the chairman Khan Koang Nyaeljiok, his deputy chairman James Wuor Puoch, Secretary General Puok Golong, some religious leaders, elders, women and sub-community leaders.

In addition to the event in Kitchener, Waterloo, separate commemorations will be held in distanced cities like Ottawa and London-Ontario.

Another commemoration will be held by a breakaway group in Hamilton Ontario, just a few kilometers away from Kitchener at the Pilgrim Lutheran church located at 1054 Upper Sherman Road.

The Pilgrim Lutheran Church commemoration will be held under the leadership of Simon Taidor Mach, who is leading a group of South Sudanese-Nuer Canadians, who broke away from the unity of the Nuer Community Association in Ontario in 2010.

Mr. Taidor believes that his Nuer Community Association and its constituents are the genuine Community Association and urge other groups to cease operation in the Province of Ontario.

The latter group features Lok Kueth Kan as the Chairman of Nuer Community in Kitchener, Waterloo; James Tongyik Riek as the Chairman of Nuer Community in Windsor, Ontario; Thomas Tut Kuonnaye as the Chairman of Nuer Community in Toronto, Ontario and Peter Gatbang Keak as the Acting Chairman of Nuer Community in Hamilton, Ontario.

Attempts to bring the two groups together have failed.

Although Mr. Taidor could not confirm the time for his event in Hamilton, he calls on all South Sudanese to come out in large numbers on Saturday to mourn their loved ones.
“Our diverse South Sudanese community is unified in arranging a gathering of not only South Sudanese people but also of politicians, religious leaders, and other peace-loving Canadians. Who are united in their concern for the violence, atrocities and death that have been visited upon the people of every status during the brutal attacks upon tribal groups and other innocent civilians.” Mr. Taidor said.
“We would greatly value your presence to pay your respects and humbleness at our event by bringing a word of greeting and support that will help create hope for security and stability in our country.” He continued.
In the past, these groups held separate commemorations but this year it was highly expected that the two groups would compromise their differences and mourn their loved ones together; however, as time fades away it is less likely that the two groups would pray together tomorrow, December 15th, 2018.
The Nuer Community Association of Ontario, Canada, was formed in 1999 and for one decade the Association enjoyed peaceful and transparent transfer of leadership until in 2010 when some leaders refused to step down. In response, the Nuer Community in Ontario elected new leaders and bypassed the leaders who refused to step down and hand over the leadership, and since then two Nuer Community Associations have been running side by side to these days.

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