South Sudan state minister denies inciting violence against Dinka ethnic group

Northern Liech state information minister, Lam Tungwar, right, meeting President Salva Kiir, left (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

June 10th 2019 (Nyamilepedia) – A South Sudan state minister has denied allegations that he has been inciting for violence against the Dinka ethnic group.

Last week, Agel Machar, the Press Secretary in the Office of the First Vice-President accused Northern Liech state minister of information, Lam Tungwar Kueiguong, of incitement against the Dinka following counter attacks against villages by elements from Northern Liech state.

According to Machar, Lam said: “some people are killing others and being protected by the leadership of this country….Those Dinka from Twic and Ruweng came and killed and took our cattle and nobody talked. But when we decided to send our youths on revenge attacks, they started crying…. trust me, this fighting will not stop..we are like them..enough with the leadership that takes sides.”

However, in respond, Lam denied he said those statements during a guit county students’ functions in Juba and said he condemns the claim and challenge Agel Machar to make public any audio of him saying the above statement.

I condemned the fake statement in the strongest term possible and challenge Agel Ring Machar to revisit his source and also direct him to go and extract the audio voice of me and visual in the SSBC as he is a media person he will be given and establish some of his rhetorics which are baseless and defamatory in their status,” Lam said.

Yesterday in my speech at greater Guit student association of universities and higher learning institutes which the patron of the day was H.E FVP Gen. Taban Deng Gai, I make my statement clear in relation to the newly graduated [students] and the newly admitted students ‘to observed and take education seriously because illiteracy is very expensive in term of its consequences. For those who say education is very expensive wait until you witness what illiteracy caused to our communities’,” he added. 

I explain about the recent incident between the two sisterly states of Twic and Northern Liech state, which I clearly outline that the new generation in the both communities lately are different in the way they handle their bad activities which some of them are cattle rustling,” he said.

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