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South Sudan Speaker Resigns and Threatens to Sue Individuals For Character Assassination

Former speaker of South Sudan's national Parliament, Hon Anthony Lino Makana, speaking(Photo credit: file/supplied)
Former speaker of South Sudan’s national Parliament, Hon Anthony Lino Makana, speaking(Photo credit: file/supplied)

Dec 8, 2019(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan Speaker of national parliament, Hon. Lino Makana, tendered his resignation letter to president Salva Kiir and threatened to sue individuals for character assassination, if need be.

Hon. Makana has been under pressure from some of his colleagues who threatened to use the parliament to impeach him over cases of corruption if he fails to resign, however, Makana reiterated during his remarks yesterday that he also received a letter from the chairman, Salva Kiir, asking him to resign.

Speaking during the SPLM Parliamentary Caucus meeting chaired by President Kiir, Hon. Makana said he would resign because he is not after political powers or positions but he will drag any politician to court if they dare to continue to character assassinate and defame him, a statement that casts doubts if the speaker is clean of corruption.

“I am ready to launch a legal case before a court of law if needs be against anyone for character assassination and defamation”. Hon. Makana said.

“I’m not after position or political power. My intention is to defend our country’s sovereignty, national security, peace, dignity, territorial integrity under your esteemed leadership” Makana continued.

In his remarks during the meeting, Gen. Kiir applauded Lino Makana for having done the right thing, by submitting his resignation- therefore avoiding being impeached by the MPs.

President Kiir further urged the would-be new Speaker to consider retaining the two deputies when they are found to have not involved in what led into the resignation of the former Speaker Anthony Lino Makana otherwise, they would then be asked to also submit their resignation.

Although his resignation is welcomed there is not guarantee that Hon. Makana will proceed to court or allow the investigation into the allegations.

South Sudan appeared severals times among the most corrupt countries in the world but so far politicians have not been held accountable for corruption.

President Salva Kiir, who has also appeared on several corruption reports including the Sentry Report and IMF index, has written several letters to politicians who have been allegedly involved in corruption, however, no legal process has been held against such individuals.

Attempts to punish corruption in the office of the president has gone to court a few times, however, the accused who were ruled guilty were later on pardoned by the president leading to their release from what would have been a lifetime imprisonment.

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