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South Sudan Police Service Arrests Some of the Most Wanted Criminals in the capital, Juba.

Suspects believe to be members of some of the wanted gang unit being held at the South Sudan National Service office(Photo: file)
Suspects believe to be members of some of the wanted gang unit being held at the South Sudan National Service office(Photo: file)

Oct 1st, 2018(Nyamilepedia) — In a statement issued by the South Sudan National Police Service, the group of infamous gangsters were arrested last week in their hideouts by South Sudan’s police patrol unit, tasked with enforcing laws and orders in the country.

“The police in Jubek State engaged a gang of night robbers at south of Jabel market, who were at their resting point during the day time. The police mobilized personnel based on intelligence report and round up the home they were residing in” said the police news website.

The police source seen by Nyamilepedia argued that before the police wounded  one suspect, the group of infamous night robbers opened fire indiscriminately at the police operation unit not knowing that their hideout had been surrounded all over.

“In the process and before their arrest, the suspects used different exist from behind the house not knowing the police have surrounded the place, after they identified the ambush they opened fire at the police men, Gun battle ensue where the one suspect was wounded and the police proceeded and arrested two others”

After the police carried out an interrogative investigation into their criminal activities, the gang groups that have been causing some insecurity in Juba, admitted that they were also responsible for the death of a woman killed in Munuki neighborhood and another death of a young man murdered in cold blood during a separate incident.

“They gang have been terrorizing the capital city Juba and they admitted to have killed one woman in munuki residential area and killed a young man at mangateen in different robbery cases” the statement said.

The Inspector General of Police commended the law enforcement agents for their swift intervention and urged them to continue working harder by extending their patrol operations to other areas that have experienced frequent insecurity.  

“The Inspector General of Police has commended the police for their actions in the operation and is extremely proud of their bravery and selflessness .He urged them to work harder and rid the area of criminals by increasing visibility and patrol in the City”said the spokesman of Inspector General of Police.

On his part, the Police Spokesperson advised residents to report suspicious cases  of robbery to any nearest police check points.

Police Spokesperson strongly advised the public to be extra cautious and vigilant to report any suspicious activities to the nearest police station or other security agency.

Crimes within South Sudan capital have been very rampant and many politicians blame a group that is nicknamed as “unknown gunmen” that is also believe to have attachments to country’s security sector.

According to insiders, “the unknown gunmen” are directly sponsored by the country’s higher security organs to get ride of political opponents and subjects of interests. Whether this gangster crew forms part of unknown gunmen group or not remains to be determined.

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