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South Sudan Ministry of Health warns of “dumping” of expired medical products through “humanitarian assistance”

Nov 10, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Mayen M. Achiek, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health has warned the health facilities to refrain from reckless dumping of medical waste.

Speaking during COVID-19 briefing on Sunday, the undersecretary said some people come with their own supplies which are hazardous to the people living in close proximity of the dumping area.

“We have noted some friends do come with their own supplies and these supplies are hazardous, they are not necessarily within the list of essential medicines we need and also the quality insurance has become an issue,” Mayen said.

Hon Mayen also urged the Food and Drugs Control Authority to ensure that all imported medical supplies are examined as there was a case of expired supplies to the country back in September.

 “I give one example, two months ago; we had a dumping situation here where we were given some medical items that are expired. It was given to us in September, that is dumping,” he said.

He claimed that some of the products the country had received as foreign aid were too close to the expiry date adding that that is dumping but the aid agency shouldn’t dump the country either.

“When you are giving some items that are expiring in a month or two it is like you are dumping on me. It is good that you are giving me something, but don’t dump it.  We are also guiding our friends not to dump us, it is not being ethical,” Mayen advised.

 Improper disposal of medical equipment could lead to air pollution, Contamination of water channels and even Spread of Communicable Diseases.

There’s a need for increased attention and diligence in approaching the management and disposal of healthcare waste.

He said this should be considered the surest way to avoid the substantial disease burden associated with the poor approach already seen in the practice.

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