South Sudan: Government Soldiers Rape Three Women As The UNSC Diplomats Tour The War-torn Nation


South Sudan Army rapping, torturing and burning girls alive in Unity State(Photo: supplied)
South Sudan Army rapping, torturing and burning girls alive in the past in Unity State(Photo: supplied)

Sept 3, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– At least three women were raped at a checkpoint in Jebel last evening in South Sudan’s capital, according to reports by aid workers in protection of civilians sites in Juba.

Speaking to a teacher at a Protection of Civilians site at the UN house in Jebel, he said three women were raped last evening at a checkpoint in Juba.

Due to fear of repercussions and to protect his profession, the teach requested to speak on condition of anonymity.

He said the women were coming from Juba town when some men in military uniform detained them from around 4pm.

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He said some of the victims were young girls who accompanied their mothers to look for food outside the camps.

“Two of the victims are young girls of 15 and 16 years. Some soldiers at Jebel Checkpoint detained them. After a while, some soldiers came and raped them,” the teacher said.

“They were later released five hours after they were sexually abused. The women have sought medical attention at the UN protection site.” he added.

Efforts to reach the army headquarters for comments were not successful, however, this is one of the several incidents which have occurred at various Checkpoints in the capital.

According to UN reports in July, at least 272 women were raped in a matter of three weeks by soldiers loyal to president Salva Kiir.

Aid workers and American citizens were also raped and abused by a government militia a few miles away from the UN Camps.

One of the major incidents of rapes in July within the capital involved over fifteen women who were rounded up and gang-raped in the area. Victims pointed fingers at security men but the army said it would not investigate the matter.

As many victims continue to speak out, members of the International Community, United Nations and the United States have repeatedly called on Salva Kiir’s government to investigate and punish those who commit such crimes; however, instead the war-hardened president, Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit, accuses the UN Peacekeepers of raping women in the POCs and calls for condemnations.

To assess the ever-changing situation on the ground, the UN Security Council has dispatched 15-membered team to investigate and recommend strong resolutions to improve the humanitarian situation in South Sudan and also to persuade Salva Kiir’s warring faction, the government, to accept the 4000 troops that would be deployed in Juba to protect civilians and installations.

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