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South Sudan General, Hoth Gatkuoth accuses SPLM/A-IO criminals of killing his wife in Addis Ababa

October 31, 2020 (Nyamilepedia) – Lt. Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth Hothnyang, a former SPLM/A-IO Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics and a former governor of the now defunct Latjor State, is accusing political opponents for the mysterious death of his wife, Mary Chol[Chuol] Diew, who was found dead on October 1, 2020 outside her hotel room in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Mary came from Denmark in July this year but due to Corona virus lockdown, she couldn’t return to her family on time as planned.

Upon hearing the news, Lt. Gen. Gat-Hoth Gatkuoth and his brother-in-law, John Kor Diew, rushed to Addis Ababa but only to bury her.

Her body was taken to Nasir for burial; however, Hoth and Khor have returned to Addis Ababa to follow up with the investigation. The exact cause of death remains a mystery; however, there are two possible narratives.

“There are no good reasons for her to commit a good suicide”

Murder or suicide

Narrating the incident in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Lt. Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth is accusing some political opponents for the death of her death.

“What happened in Addis Ababa is the death of my wife Mary Chuol Diew. She lived in Europe, in Denmark. She came to Ethiopia on July. She had almost three months here in Addis Ababa” Gathoth said.

“She dead in the hotel. We don’t have the concrete information the details….the incident took place on October 1, 2020. Actually the police didn’t give us the results but they told us they are still investigating more information” Gathoth explained.

According to Gen. Gathoth, it is likely that she was murdered by his political allies who might have pushed her out of the window.

“What happened in the hotel. We don’t know exactly who pushed her because she was pushed from the window, she was pushed from the window, she felt down… but we thought somebody from the opposition may make a plot by hire criminals because criminals can kill her but we have not seen, we have no evidence who actually carried it out this suicide, this, this eh, this death tool to action …” Gathoth said.

Gathoth blames the SPLM/A-IO saying he had grudges with the SPLM/A-IO leadership and therefore he has been a political enemy to Dr. Riek Machar.

“She never complained of any sickness or any mental case that would make her commit a suicide. “There are no good reasons for her to commit a good suicide” Gen. Gathoth said

“We, we came from the SPLM/A-IO in 2015. I was a military governor of SPLM/A-IO. Then we disagreed with Riek Machar over the family establishment of the SPLM/A-IO structures. So we disagreed. For me Riek Machar is a political enemy because we disagreed in 2015 in Pagak” Gathoth Gatkuoth said.

“Am accusing them because if they failed to get me, they could access my wife, but she was not a politician. She was the wife of a political leader,” Gatkuoth Continued.

According to John Khor Diew, a younger brother to the decease, her death is a more than a tragedy for his whole family.

“Her death was a tragic not only for us as a family where she originated from but also for the family she married from and also for her children who are now in Denmark” Said her brother John Khor Diew.

“But there is nothing we could say. The police came to the hotel, …,  found out that the door was locked inside while Chuol was outside, lying outside the window, so they had to use master keys to open the door. Given the circumstances of her death” He continued.

Although Khar believes that this could not have been a suicide, he does not rule out possibilities of its being a suicide.

“For sure you wouldn’t conclude that what happened to her was her deeds, that she committed suicide.” Khor said.

“Until we get the final investigation…. From there we will know that for sure that. The  cause of her death was actually incident, somebody or it was her who committed suicide” Khor said.

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