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South Sudan: Armed Opposition Calls For Popular Uprising

SPLA-IO Chief of General Staff, 1st. Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual, arriving with his troops in South Sudan's capital, Juba(Photo: Nyamilepedia/file)
SPLA-IO Chief of General Staff, 1st. Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual, arriving with his troops in South Sudan’s capital, Juba(Photo: Nyamilepedia/file)

Sept 24, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– South Sudan’s armed Opposition, the SPLM/SPLA-IO, under the leadership of the deposed First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, calls on its forces to reorganized for a popular armed resistance against “the authoritarian and fascist regime” of president Salva Kiir.

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According to the communique of the political bureau of the SPLM/SPLA-IO, to bring peace, freedoms and reforms, the opposition must weight a popular armed resistance across the country.

“Call for reorganization of the SPLM/SPLA(IO) so that it can wage a popular armed resistance against the authoritarian and fascist regime of president Salva Kiir in order to bring peace, freedom, reforms, democracy and rule of law in the country” Read parts of the resolutions of the SPLM/SPLA-IO.

For the first time, the former Vice President, Dr. Machar, apologized to his faction for the humiliation the opposition has faced in the government stronghold as a consequence of accepting “a bad peace agreement”.

The political bureau, however, thanks the forces for successful evacuation of its top leadership from the capital, Juba, to DR Congo and for defending their positions and protecting civilians from government forces.

“Salute the SPLM/SPLA-IO martyrs and further commend the SPLA(IO) for protecting the leadership of the SPLM/SPLA(IO); defending their own positions, civilians and their properties including the international aid workers during the crisis that erupted on July 8th, 2016 in Juba” Reads part of the resolution.

Despite their small number, 1, 300 compared to over 30, 000 heavily armed government troops, the SPLA-IO fought tactically for four days in Juba, capturing sensitives areas including parts of the airport before they tactically withdrew on July 12th.

The fighting started on July 7th at a checkpoint in Gudele, leading to death of five soldiers on government side before it was contained that night; however, it erupted again on July 8th at Salva Kiir’s palace as the presidency were in a meeting to resolve the feud.

The fighting at J1 left Machar’s son dead alongside his uncle and 35 other colleagues. Out of 40 bodyguards of Machar outside J1, only 4 survived according to inside reports.

According to report signed by President Salva Kiir, the July 8th fighting alone left 300 people, mostly presidential guards, dead.

Machar and part his top leadership were pursued for 40 days to DR Congo, however, his troops maintained some of their positions along the major roads within Equatoria region.

The latest round of fighting in and around Juba has brought the peace agreement to its weakest point in two years.

Attempts by the region and the international community to salvage the peace agreement are facing major huddles as the government tries to implement the peace agreement on its own terms.

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Mawien Magol September 24, 2016 at 9:50 pm

You guys must tell Dr. Riek Machar Teny not embarrassing himself for returning to another rebellion. The world are not going to support him any more. Enough is enough and let us see how Taban Deng Gai will work .

Beek September 24, 2016 at 11:50 pm

For Nuer only because we were wrong to support John Garang and later he turned against us with fake Arabs North. Dusty North Sudan and no good. I don’t even want to live in Dusty Khartoum.


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