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Shock as Uganda buries empty coffin on COVID-19 pretense

Juba, South Sudan,

June 28, 2021 – In what reminisces a stage-managed and fictitious twist of events in Uganda, a group of people dressed in COVID-19 protective gear buried an empty coffin on the false pretense that the deceased in question succumbed to SARS-Cov-2.

In what appears to be a stage-managed and fictitious twist of events, a group of people dressed in COVID-19 protective gear buried an empty coffin on false pretence that the deceased in question succumbed to SARS-Cov-2.
Screen capture from the video footage shows bystanders looking into an empty coffin (photo credit: We Verify Toolkit/Nyamilepedia)

A report by Hidden Truth Post, an online blog says the burial was being undertaken by frontline workers from Uganda’s Ministry of Health. The incident happened in Kasese District.

The first video was posted on a YouTube channel called Vic Exclusive on 15th June 2021 and was propagated by other channels on 16th June 2021.

In the video, residents who surrounded the burial place were initially calm. However, the swinging of the casket resembled a lightweight item, prompting bystanders to demand its opening.

A riot police officer can be seen blocking onlookers from making their way close to the casket. Drama ensued and the coffin was opened. To their amusement, the casket was empty.

It is still unclear whether the casket had the body of the COVID-19 victim but kept it somewhere else, or the casket was brought as empty as seen. But a blanket-like object can be seen in the video.

The report doubles another bizarre incident in Mityana town in Uganda where residents were left tongue-tight after finding a casket with a body of a 70-year-old man who died of COVID-19 on the road near Mityana General Hospital.

The man identified as Eriyazaali Kalule, a resident of Bufumba village in Kalangaalo Sub County Mityana District died on 26 June at Entebbe Grade B hospital where he spent one week on COVID-19 treatment.

But the video of the body in question raises the question of what happens to a person who dies of COVID-19 when the relatives are not available.

COVID-19 infection in Uganda is reportedly spiraling out of control and President Yoweri Museveni has mulled the establishment of a facility to produce vaccines in Uganda.




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