Scotland to offer assistance to South Sudan refugees in Uganda

25/6/2016. Sunday Post. Andrew Cawley. Pics of First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, making a statement outside Bute House, after meeting with her Cabinet, to discuss Scotland's position after the EU Referendum result. Pic shows Fiona Hyslop arriving for the meeting. Location: Edinburgh.
Scotland Secretary for external affairs Fiona Hyslop (File photo)

July 17th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – South Sudanese refugees currently seeking safety at a UN camp in northern Uganda, are expected to benefit from a humanitarian emergency pledge by the Scottish government.

In a statement seen by the Nyamilepedia, a total of £100,000 Humanitarian Emergency Fund, (HEF) released by the Panel Agencies will be channeled through aid agencies working for South Sudan refugees in Rhino camp in Uganda.
The fund, according to the Scottish government,  is meant to combat and help alleviate humanitarian crisis that has been ongoing in South Sudan since December 2013 as result of the ongoing five-year old conflict.
The Scottish External Affairs Secretary, Fiona Hyslop, pointed out that additional humanitarian assistance is needed to help tackle large scale displacements of civilians fleeing violence from South Sudan, Syria and Yemen.
“The conflicts in Syria, Yemen and South Sudan have caused terrible suffering. It has led to the large scale displacement of local populations, with severe humanitarian consequences and an urgent need for assistance from the rest of the world,” said the top diplomat.
She said her country is working hard to ensure that it becomes a global citizen.
“We want Scotland to be a good global citizen and our Humanitarian Emergency Fund aims to provide emergency life-saving aid to those most in need,” she further said adding that  “Our HEF panel member agencies are ready to provide in-country support to the innocent people caught up in these conflicts, many of whom are children. This financial support will help to provide much needed assistance.”

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Stephen Dak July 17, 2018 at 6:08 am

Dear Ms. Fiona, For that decision you have made, I am registering my sincere appreciation to your government for that extended hand to suffering ones. Your awareness about this will make a big difference in the lives of unfortunate. A good will nation find reward from God ‘s hand when not hesitate to lend hand to the less lucky ones. Yes, I cannot be clear enough to tell you the message which is not known to you yet, and that is to say your country Scotland is awaiting to receive a bigger blessing from God. A blessing non Israelite descended nations will ever receive. Yes, you may be wondering what I meant by this but if there is a truth existed as I know, then nothing less than what I am saying here. But it is beyond your own senses, if you read this message you will recall it in a few years time that I know what I am talking about. Yes, to say it in a very commercialize way your nation will have half of my pie and that is a big deal to me. Wait and see my saying which never been short of its meaning. If it is not a part of me I wouldn’t be able to detail this to you but the blessing goes out of me to you through God The Almighty Father of All.


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