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Salva Kiir’s Regime Buries SPLM/SPLA Hero Against His Will As His Family Calls For Respect For The Dead!

A burial ground prepared by the family, friends and relatives of Gen. Lual Ding in Ariath, his hometown, for a burial that is not likely(Photo: supplied)
A burial ground prepared by the family, friends and relatives of Gen. Lual Ding in Ariath, his hometown, for a burial that is not likely(Photo: supplied)

Feb 18, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- Family, relatives and friends of SPLM/SPLA veteran, late Lt. General Lual Diing Wol, strongly condemn Salva Kiir’s government for politicizing the burial of their son against his will.

Gen. Lual Ding Wol, who died of stroke in exile last week, will now be buried in Juba according to controversial arrangements by the current regime; however, his family members continue to fight for a proper burial in his hometown of Araith as the deceased strongly recommended while alive.

According to Lt. Gen. Dr. Dhieu Mathok Diing, the Secretary General of SPLM in Opposition, the family of the late met at Majok Diing Wol village under elderly member Executive Chief Atak Diing Wol and requested all family members to distance themselves away from what is taking place in Juba.

“The burial of Lual Diing Wol in Juba is against his will. Lual Diing indicated, in many occassions his will that he should be buried at Atokthou.” Dr. Dhieu states in his announcement posted today on social media.

According to Dr. Dhieu, during the struggle Gen. Lual told relatives and his bodyguards that in an event of his death under any circumstances his body must be taken home, and if the situation doesn’t allow he must be burnt and the ashes must be taken home for burial.

Dhieu further attests to a firsthand revelation in which the late General also informed him of “his coming home”.

“He also revealed to me personally in 2010, when he started constructing his house in Araith that “he is finally coming home”. There is no force under this sun that could go against the will of a decease and leave unchallenge. This is not politics.” Dr. Dhieu said.

The relatives and friends blame Salva Kiir’s loyalists who commands the army for conspiring against the dead.

“Paul Malong Awan conspired with Malong Asha to bury “Lanbar” in Juba, which is totally against his will. It’s unfortunate that the issue was brought to attention of H.E President Salva Kiir to stop this social crime, however, as usual he supported Paul Malong on his conspiracy.” reads parts of Dr. Dhieu statement.

The family, who have spent the last few days preparing the graveyard in Ariath, are now cautioning family members and South Sudanese public to stay away from Salva Kiir’s government arrangment to bury gen. Lual against his will.
In case he is buried in Juba, the family warns that they will leave the graveyard prepared in Araith for his burial unclosed, which signalizes bad omens in African culture.
Gen. Lual, a determined veteran, resumed his studies in his eighties and graduated with a degree in Political Science at Kampala International University (KIU) in 2013.
Gen. Lual joined SPLM/SPLA in 1983 and worked under late Dr. John Garang and also under President Salva Kiir as a Presidential Advisor on Political Affairs, member of National Legislative Assembly representing Malual North Constituency and member of the SPAM-Polit-buro.
Like many other advisors who resigned their positions, Gen. Lual resigned his positions in Salva Kiir government, blaming his colleagues for failing the nation and refusing to take his advises. He went to exile after the independent in East Africa where he continued his education.
Lanbar, as he is known by his family members, was the second most elder person in the Arumjok family who was alive after Executive Chief Atak Diing Wol known as “Atak Marial Achoot”.
He died while writing a historical book that most of his colleagues, including President Salva Kiir, couldn’t wait for its release. It’s yet to be confirmed if any of his aged veterans may continue the book, however, president Salva Kiir threatened the late that he would rewrite parts of its content to make it complete!

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Yei Top February 24, 2016 at 4:25 am

Paul Malong is taking advantage of the dead of Gen. Lual Ring for grabbing Midan Simba. Upto now there is no ongoing activities like driving or football as the whole ground has been grabbed forcefully and is full of soldiers guiding. The Empty tomb in Aweil will be used to bury Paul Malong in the next few days……. Malong is counting down.


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