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S. Sudan president’s relative who killed five people today in Juba dies of injuries

Col. Lual Akook Wol Kiir, the South Sudan army officer who killed four people today (Photo credit: Supplied)

June 3, 2020 (Nyamilepedia) – President Salva Kiir’s relative – Lt. Col. Lual Akook Kiir – who killed five people today in Juba has died of injuries he incurred following a standoff with protesters this morning, colleagues at Bilpam told Nyamilepedia.

Akook – whose nickname is Lual Marine – opened fire this morning against a whole family killing five of them causing public outcry over an increased unlawful pratices of president Salva Kiir’s men, the army.

As anger increased througout the capital Juba, protests erupted demanding that the officer is arrested and justice is served for the five unnamed deceased.

Speaking to Nyamilepedia this evening, a soldier who identified his name as “Marial” said he was a friend to Lual and confirmed to Nyamilepedia that the culprit of the Sherikat incident has been pronounced dead by doctors at the Egyptian clinic near Juba airport.

“Lual is no more. He has been pronounced dead at the Egyptian clinic today by doctors. He apparently died from the injuries put on his head by the criminals who claimed that Lual killed five people without saying the truth that he was defending himself.” Marial said.

Nyamilepedia could not reach the family for comment, but social media activist have widely shared news of his death.

“I known Lual for ten years. He never act like that unless provoked or in the case of self-defense,” Marial added.


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