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Ruto Dismisses claims that president Kenyatta wants his term extended.

Sep 14, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Deputy president, Hon. William Ruto, has dismissed claims that president Uhuru Kenyatta wants his presidential term extended for another five years.

Deputy president Hon. William Ruto ….

Speaking to Western and Nyanza leaders, whom he hosted at his official residence in Karen, the deputy president called president Kenyatta “a democrat” adding that he does not want to hold on power.

“My boss President Uhuru Kenyatta is a democrat; I don’t think he has told anyone that he wants his term extended. Where are all these people finding all these. So I dare ask: Uliskia wapi? Ati Rais Kenyatta anataka term yake isongeshwe? Wewe ambaye unatupatia hiyo story, Uliskia wapi?” He asked.

He took to social media after the meeting to write that the Building Bridges Initiative needs to be progressive, advancing our common purposes and expanding opportunity for all.

“It should appreciate our diversity and help build a stronger economy to move Kenyans out of poverty and unemployment.” DP Ruto stated.

He added that the BBI should be a unifying factor to bring Kenyans together.

“It should be a unifying and people-centred document rather than a political tool that is in defiance of the spirit of inclusivity, abused by some leaders to breed division, hate and ethnic animosity.” He wrote.

Hon Ruto reiterates that Kenya does not need an additional layer of governance or bureaucracy for its leadership to execute its mandate adding that what is of priority for now is dedication to unite and serve the people who are toiling to make ends meet as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The deputy president said this one day after Central Organization of Trade Unions (Cotu) boss, Francis Atwoli, saids that he is not ripe to run for the presidency.

Atwoli suggests that Ruto should wait until the year 2027 as he is not yet ready for presidency.

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