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Rebel commander allied to Cirilo deported to Juba – sources

Photo: Members of NAS rebel group arrested in Khartoum

March 9th 2020 (Nyamilepedia) – A senior rebel commander loyal to the National Salvation Front (NAS) who was arrested in the Sudanese capital Khartoum last month has been deported to Juba, sources close to the rebel general said.

Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF), the country’s most powerful paramilitary group, said in February that it arrested four members of NAS in Khartoum including a senior opposition commander.

General Jamal Juma, the spokesman of the RSF said at the time that Major General Sabit Kong Kuon of the NAS was involved in the purchase of 150 military uniforms.

The RSF officer said the rebel officer along with four others were facing charges of “disturbing security, purchasing uniforms and military insignia, stirring up war against the state, transnational organized crime, sabotage and war, and disturbing relations with South Sudan.”

Speaking to Nyamilepedia this morning, a source in Khartoum said the rebel commander was deport on March 6th after the NAS failed to agree with Cirilo on the terms of their release because the government in Khartoum linked their release to the peace process.

“They were deported on Friday, March 6th 2020. This was after the NAS disagreed with the military in Khartoum over the term of their release,” the source said.

“They made it a pressure to agree to a peace agreement with the government of South Sudan,” the source added.

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