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Peter Biar is not the first South Sudanese to hold a PhD from Cambridge

Peter Biar Ajak, I thought all humanity respect those who have passed on. I guess I have been wrong.
By Hoc-Thon Laat Maker Riak,

Prominent civil rights activist Peter Biar Ajak (Photo credit: courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)

Oct 24, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Yes, no doubt graduation or academic achievement of any kind especially a PhD in any area is worth of jubilation, but on behalf of our La te Professor Akolda Ma’aan Tier- ( PhD- LLB (LLM) University of Cambridge in 1975- PHD/Doctorate in Law), I will not be silent.

Let the world know, I will not sit with my hands folded watching Peter Biar re-burying such a great man. Peter Biar can continue in his premeditated journey of lying his way into fake history, but I will not allow him for a bit to intentionally and strategically burying the legacy and history Dr. Akolda, a world distinguished Prof of law, Akolda Maan Tier.

With no shame from both Peter and his lied to writer, the statement reads today. “Peter Biar Ajak is a first South Sudanese to be awarded a PhD in Cambridge.” That statement is nullified because Cambridge got its honorable graduate in 1975, before Peter Biar was even born, and his name is Akolda in Dinka meaning another day, Maan a colour of a bull of cow, the Cambridge and Peter Biar Ajak should feel a shame of trying to bury a great example of a towering pedagogue who didn’t only teach in classrooms in one country, but who taught whenever there was a need of knowledge anywhere in the world.

“Despite the numerous opportunities available to him, Professor Tier spent more than three decades teaching at the Faculty of Law, with the exception of three years when he was Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Juba University (from April 1990-August 1991) and Visiting Professor at the University of Windsor in Canada (from 1999-2000).”

“In the history of the University of Khartoum, no other law professor has dedicated such a long period of his or her life to the Faculty of Law. He was the only professor who, based on his service and publications, reached the highest academic rank in law at the University, a rank that is also known as full professor.”

“He was the first and last South Sudanese to become Dean of the Faculty of Law. All academically distinguished southern Sudanese who were appointed at the Faculty of Law left to pursue other passions”

How could any human being let alone this little kid- Peter Biar- who runs from left to right- attempt to bury this rare legacy! Peter Biar did his PhD research in what? Current political affairs of South Sudan?

And what about Prof. Akolda training whose legacy Peter is deliberatively and desperately trying to bury. My fellow South Sudanese, be the judges?, look, in academic, Peter is like a goat, and Prof. Akolda is like an elephant. And in the world of truth , Peter is like one grain of a sand , and Prof. Akolda is like a mountain. How could a goat step on an elephant? How could a sand bury a mountain?

Peter, I had no idea your ill-conceived “Generational Exit” has not limit; you also wish to “generational exit” the dead veterans!! My goodness.

No doubt, one of the key pillars of ACIBIKLEUYIC International Fraternity is to inspire younger generation in academic, but let it be known that we are not only inspiring youth to gain head knowledge, we are inspiring them to be men and women with integrity. Head knowledge with no character -of- a person is like building a hut on a sand. This is not old days in villages when liars were never known by the world.

In the 21st century, if you keep on lying your way into fake history in the 21 century, the world will soon brand you a DNA of a liar. So, we are building young men and women who cannot fake history, we cannot seize short cuts, who cannot be corrupted etc. It’s not just education, it is about a human being we are inspiring.

And so, on behalf of ACIBIKLEUYIC Fraternity, and the entire intelligentsia, I can condemn these heartless intentions with strongest words possible both the University of Cambridge and their recent graduate Peter Biar Ajak for misleading one another and sadly, absurdly misleading the world too.

Professor Akolda was a fulltime legal scholar; he was a man who was created to be an academic and academic defined his life. The Cambridge and Peter Biar should be told that Prof. Akolda had completed his doctorate in Law in 1975. Cambridge University should respect late Prof. Akolda place of achievement as Cambridge NOT on first face value, Prof. Akolda Extensive Legal writings appeared in prestigious journals such as the Cambridge Law journal, The New York University Law School, journal of International and comparative Law, the journal African Law, and the Arab quarterly.

Cambridge University and Peter Biar should both be told to revisit the legacy of this great man.

Prof. Akolda Maan Tier was a man I knew well, and he inspired me and the world especially in 2015 during Dr. Nyot Kok’s funeral rite held in Juba. He narrated how he knew his legal fraternity colleague and explained the way Dr. Nyot Went to pursue his Doctorate at Yale University Law School and him to Cambridge University Law school smashing an LLB in 1971, and a PhD in Laws in 1975.

He was a great teacher of all time. He cannot be re-buried when I am alive NOT because I bailed in Lakes where these two great academics giants emerged but truth should be told.

Brief Educational Background of Dr. Akolda Maan Tier and where he was born in what is now Lakes State- Cueibet Gok Arol Kachuol section of Dinka.

He completed his first degree at the university of Khartoum in 1968 and obtained an LLB from the University of Cambridge, UK (1971) and then

a PhD program, which he completed in 1975.

Dr. Akolde was adjunct professor at the faculty of Law, Windsor University, Canada.

Peter Biar I can understand clearly your motivation, and premeditated intent. You desperately wants to make history even if it means lying to the western world, and your prayers were that as long as your interview is published.

You absolutely believe that no one will recall it just to correct your lies . But you are mistaken. There are means to reach out to all Universities and places of works including Cambridge to report a case of a high order of magnitude like this. Any University with repudiation cannot condone lying or plagiarism!

However, ACIBIKLEUYIC International Fraternity inspires Republic of South Sudan youth to be proud of their achievement, but NOT alter sweet history of fellow South Sudanese academics milestone. Let it be known to all my generation, countries are not changed by liars.

Nobody will ever re-burry an academic giant not to exist in Cambridge. Prof. Akolda cannot defend his legacy when he is in grave. So, those of us who are alive, and the legacy of the man of rare integrity and towering academic achievement will speak up against any intentional attempt to re-bury him, and to disrespect him in his rest. No, it will not happen on my watch.

“Prof. Akolda objectivity, straightforwardness, honesty, candour, and dedication and commitment to work are noble and often rare-to-find human attributes that we should all try to live up to if we want to keep his memory and legacy alive. Prof Akolda was a good man. May his soul rest in eternal peace.”



Hoc-Thon Laat Maker Riak is the President and CEO of ACIBIKLEUYIC Fraternity. He can be reached through social media.

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