Opposition leader tells South Sudanese to embrace peace as ‘war is not an option’

Chairperson of the non-armed opposition STEPS, Suzanne Jambo (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

January 2nd 2019 (Nyamilepedia) – A South Sudanese non-armed opposition leader has urged the people of South Sudan to embrace peace and build trust among themselves saying war is not an option in expressing grievances.

Suzanne Jambo, the leader of the non-armed opposition STEPS party and also a former Secretary on External Relations for the ruling SPLM party, said the people of South Sudan have no choice other than embracing the September peace deal signed by Kiir and Machar is Addis Ababa.

It is truly time to heal our traumatized war-burdened souls. Hence, my straight-up answer is we have no choice but to believe in this peace agreement because war is not an option,” she said.

Jambo further added that the peace deal signed in Addis Ababa by Kiir and Machar in September might not be perfect, but should be lived to enable elections due for 2021 as the only way to salvage change in teh country.

The September 2018 peace agreement may not be perfect and may have not addressed all root causes of the conflict, however, the security agreement including the comprehensive ceasefire agreement, provide for a better environment to peacefully iron out the remaining issues,” she said.

“Critically important, is the provision of general elections in 2021, as it is imperative on all South Sudanese to call for a conducive environment, for example, the voluntary return of displaced persons and refugees and consequent humanitarian services including food security, re-integration and security provisions,” she added. 

She said there is need or the people of South Sudan to unite so as to advocate for ‘real’ peace in the country, something she said will only be achieved by united voices of the people of South Sudan.

“Both STEPS as a matter of vision abhor and shun violence, so do I personally. We are all South Sudanese and once we unite our voices to call for real peace, reforms, and democracy, our united voices are sufficient to make the required change without violence,” she further said. 

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