No troops can be delployed in their home state: Kiir orders integration of Yau Yau forces into SPLA

David Yau Yau (File photo)
Former Cobra leader, Lt. Gen David Yau Yau with his former deputy, Major General Khalid Bora. After Yau Yau joined the government and switced allegiance to SPLA-IG, Khalid and the rest of Cobra generals and troops defected and return to rebellion.(photo: file)

May 5th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – South Sudan’s president Salva Kiir Mayardiit has ordered the integration of former rebel forces, who were loyal to the governor of Buma state, then rebel leader, David Yau Yau, almost five years after signing a peace accord with them.

Speaking during the inauguration of the new army chief, Gen. Gabriel Jok Riak, on Friday, Kiir ordered the incoming chief to transport and integrate Yau Yau’s forces as he immediately take office stressing that no troops should be deployed in their home state.

“Those forces should be brought here. No troops can be deployed in their home state. They must be brought so that they can be integrated,” Kiir told Gen. Jok Riakon Friday.

The South Sudan government in January 2014, only one month after the country descended into a full-scale civil war, signed a rushed peace agreement with David Yau Yau, then rebel leader, after a mediation by Bishop Emeritus Paride Taban of the Roman Catholic Church Diocese of Torit.

Under the deal, Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA), now Buma State, was created and Yau Yau was to be the Administrator.

In October 2015, Kiir made the GPAA a state and appointed Baba Medan as its governor after splitting the country into 28 states.

In 2016, segments of Yau Yau troops rebelled again after their leader joined the ruling SPLM party.

Yau Yau was later appointed deputy minister of defense and promoted to rank of Lt. General before being appointed the governor of Buma state early this year.

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