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Nairobi County Nurses Strike, need their grievances addressed!

Sep 16, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Nairobi county health facilities services have been put on hold as nurses go on strike.

They have been on strike for six days and today they took to the streets to demand for a meeting with the Nairobi Metropolitan services (NMS) officials and the Nairobi County government to address their grievances.

They blocked entry to the Nairobi County offices with the hope that the governer, Mike sonko,would address them.

“We are here as health professionals. We are not here as nurses alone. We are here as health workers of Nairobi county. And we are here because of the notice we gave our lawyer that the injustices in ths county that have not been addressed.” Said Mr. Ochari, the chair of nurses’ union in Nairobi, as he led the demonstrations.

The nurses claim that the Nairobi County government has been making empty promises and pledges of promotions that don’t come to pass. 

“We are out here so that our employer can address the issue of stagnation. We have our colleagues who have stagnated in job positions for more than 10 years.” Said the Mr. Ochari.

 “We have our colleagues who have worked for five years but their pay slips still read probation. We have our colleagues who have not been promoted and we don’t have a medical cover.” Mr. Ochari added.

Nairobi County nurses said that they have not received their August salary to date as the payroll is with the county government but they are supposed to be paid under NMS.

Earlier today, they were invited for a meeting with the NMS but they declined to attend saying that the communication was not sent in good time. 

Mr Ochari added that the communication said that the meeting was with the NMS human resource officers while they needed representation from both NMS and the county government.

The clinical officers were also in the demonstrations to try and address the issues of promotion and increment of their salaries as well.

The chairperson of clinical officers said that the county government is failing the residents of Nairobi by not addressing the issues of health workers.

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