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Museveni wants elections in South Sudan, US and UK Diplomats agree

Dec 7, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — The Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni, is calling on TROIKA to help him push for elections in South Sudan as alternatives to break the current deadlocks and resuscitate new political paths that would end the current political and security impasses in the world’s youngest nation.

Museveni and his wife attends South Sudan independent day celebration in July 2014(Photo: file)
Museveni and his wife attends South Sudan independent day celebration in July 2014(Photo: file)

While meeting the British and American diplomats in Jinja town two days ago, the Ugandan president proposed that elections in South Sudan could forge new allegiances and that could resolve the current conflicts.

“Me, I want to push them (South Sudan) to elections…elections will force them to make alliances and this problem will be history,” Reads part of the Ugandan Statehouse’s statement that cites Kenya’s 2007/8 election crises resolution as an example.

The Ugandan old man was meeting the UK High Commissioner to Uganda, Ms Kate Airey, and the US ambassador to Uganda, Ms Natalie Brown, who just arrived in the East African nation for new deployments.

The two envoys were accompanied by the American and British especial envoys for South Sudan, Stuart Symington IV and Robert Fairweather, respectively.

According to the UK government website, ambassador Fairweather, who is a career diplomat, is in the region to facilitate durable peaceful resolution to conflicts in and between Sudan and South Sudan.

“[provide] international efforts to secure a durable and peaceful resolution to conflict between Sudan and South Sudan, as well as ending internal conflicts and encouraging sustainable development throughout both countries” reads one of the roles of ambassador Fairweather on the UK government website.

On the other hand,  ambassador Symington IV, who is a representative of the Trump Administration, is expected to “lead US efforts to support the peace process and a successful political transition in South Sudan.”

Responding to the Ugandan president, Amb Symington IV threw the dice back to President Museveni to take the lead and ask the South Sudanese leaders (Kiir and Riek) to accept his proposal.

“If you (Museveni) could advise President Salva Kiir and Riek Machar to take the direction of elections, this problem will be history. You are the person who can give them confidence,” he reportedly said.

The two members of TROIKA, which is composed of the U.S., U.K and Norway, appreciate the Ugandan leader for his role in South Sudan’s conflict,

“We have seen and appreciate the work Uganda and the neighbors are [d]oing in South Sudan,” Ambassador Symington IV said,

The diplomats are expected to travel to Juba to meet with both Kiir and Machar.

“We are going to see them together (Dr. Riek Marcher and President Salvar Kiir) for the first time this week. We shall be lobbying them about the issue of governors and the contested state”. Amb. Syminton said.

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