More Government Soldiers Defect To SPLM/SPLA-IO

A huge force of over 300 government soldiers have reportedly defected to SPLA-IO(Photo: file)
A huge force of over 300 government soldiers have reportedly defected to SPLA-IO(Photo: file)

Dec 03, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— Reports released by the military spokesman of SPLA-IO, Col. William Gatjiath Deng, allege that a huge force of more than 300 SPLA soldiers comprising of Commissioned and non commissioned officers(N/COs) defected from Mayom County of unity state to SPLA-IO.

According to Col. Gatjiath, the defectors have been warmly received “by their comrades in arm” at the SPLA/IO military base in the northern part of Unity state.

Gatjaith confirms that the 300 soldiers were led by Captian Gai Kong.

“The Sudan’s People Liberation Movement/Army in opposition would like to extend its sincere thanks and gratitude to Captain Gai Kong who is tasked to make it happens and managed to get this force out immediately.” Col. Gatjiath said.

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“His effective work, good command and direction to lead this task force up to their final destination is a great achievement for the entire movement of SPLA/IO.” he continued.

The armed opposition calls on all freedom fighters from Mai-wut in the East and Mayom from the far West of Upper Nile region to remain United and continue fighting rationally to change the dictatorship’s regime which seems to be dragging its feet towards the compromise peace.

Gatjiath assures that the defected soldiers came in peace and are being well treated

“The Sudan people liberation army, SPLA/IO would like to inform the general public that the Defected soldiers who switch their allegiance to the opposition forces arrived safely without any military confrontation from their initial barracks; currently are being received with the open hearts by the leadership of SPLA/IO under command of General Simon Maguek Gai Majaak” Gatjiath said.

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thowdor December 4, 2016 at 6:09 am

let’s them come in peace to their really son s.soils movement.the movement that management by io sons are the only true to epualies all south Sudan citizens.to give them freedom of express.or decisions making.iam here in open heart to wellcme mr gaining and his fellows patriots


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