More Armed Robberies in The Capital As South Sudan Economy Collapses


A South Sudan man crying, usually men do not cry in that country unless in event of death and other miseries beyond a man's control(Photo credits: friends of refugees/Colorado)
A South Sudan man crying, usually men do not cry in that country unless in event of death and other miseries beyond a man’s control(Photo credits: friends of refugees/Colorado)

Nov 28, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— A Munuki resident father has spoken of his horror at seeing three knife-wielding robbers hovering over his bed where he, his wife and 16-month-old son were sleeping.

Police say William Ammi 47-year-old and his family dependants were terrorized in their home at Munuki residential area, Juba for almost an hour in the early hours of Thursday. But it did not end there, as Ammi was then taken on a “terror ride” by the robbers.

“We are doing home renovations and had temporarily had the security gates removed. I think this is how they accessed the home,” the husband told Press.

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Ammi said that he does not know how long they had spent ransacking the home, but when the lights came on he suddenly woke up and all he heard was “Don’t move, don’t move”.

“They then asked me to get out of bed and began demanding cash and valuable items. But they didn’t want anything else besides money because they were demanding wallets,” he said.

He added that his son was awoken with the noise and began crying loudly.

“My wife tried to calm him. I decided to comply with the robbers and give them whatever they asked for,” he said.

“They wanted laptops and other valuable goods. They accessed my motor bike and began putting everything on my motor cycle,” Ammi said.

He told Nyamilepedia Press that his wife and son were locked in the end-suite bathroom and himself was locked in the main toilet.

“They tied my hands with cable and warned me not to come out of the toilet as they would kill us all,” he said

He says that by then he heard his neighbour screaming and he asked him if his wife and son were okay.

Minutes after the neighbour screamed, the police arrive. That was the moment Ammi went down on his hands and knees in the middle of the road and thanking God.

“It’s hard to describe what you go through. Maybe anger and fear. It’s one thing to have someone break into your home when you are not there, but when you are there, it is a terrifying feeling and there is nothing you can do about it.” He said

“I still get Goosebumps thinking about it.” Ammi making fun of his misery

Lt. Nelson Jayi, a police officer, assured that the police had found the victim within minutes. He confirmed that the motor cycle had been recovered the same day.

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