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Lafon County Condemns kidnapping of their children

Oct 6, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — At least five children were kidnapped on Lafon-Mugiri road in the last few days, a treasonous act the country authorities have strongly condemned.

Members of Lafon Community dancing during a traditional match in Lafon County(Photo credit: Nyamilepedia)
Members of Lafon Community dancing during a traditional match in Lafon County(Photo credit: Nyamilepedia)

Speaking on behalf of the local authority, Lafon County Youth Union Chairman, Paul Ukach Nyibuch, said the incident happened when five children left Lafon and tried to take some goods to the market in Juba.

 “the Lafon people witnessed another incident when five children from Lafon were going to the capital, Juba, through Lafon-Mugiri road. They were carrying chickens and fish.” Paul Ukach explains.

“Between Likeru and Pulru they fell into an ambush which was set by five kidnappers. After that they were taken into the bush where they were sorted out according to their age. The kidnappers wanted young children.” Ukach continued.

According to the eyewitnesses, the kidnappers were operating in groups but had one meeting point where they converge whenever they kidnap children on the road.

“As they were being sorted into age groups four abduters suddenly appeared bringing their number to nine.” Lafon county authorities explained.

“In the evening, the big boy,  Ligamchol the son of Simon Uwinja from Pucwaa Marguna Payam and the big girl, Araie the daughter of Ugweti from Kurumi payam, were separated from the others and escorted to the main road where they were released and told to go.” The source continued.

According to Lafon county authorities, the three children who were abducted were confirmed to be children of Uola from Bura village, Marguna Payam, Nyilongo the daughter of Uyat from Bura village Marguna Payam and Agona son of Lukakono from Kor village Kurumi Payam.

“The two children who were released went to Mugiri and informed the authorities there. After the Lafon Authorities received a call from Mugiri about the incident the Lafon people went straight out and followed the kidnappers’ footprints.” Ukach explained.

Although the community attempt to pursue the kidnappers failed, Ukach said they got an idea of where they came from and therefore they will continue to watch for their possible return.

“Because there is a network problem we lost communication but we are monitoring them closely manually.”He said

“According to the two children who were left to go, the kidnappers were speaking in the Murle language.” Ukach added.

According to Lafon Youth leadership, the Lafon youth calls on the South Sudan government to put a police post between Likeru and Pulru saying “that is a hot spot where Lafon people lose their lives and businesses.”

“Cars are ambushed every week, every month and every year.” Ukach further explained.

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