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Kenya National Highways Authority issued an 8-hour notice for residents to vacate premises along Nairobi-Mombasa road

Sep 16, 2020(Nyamiledia) — Several businesses along Nairobi-Mombasa road are set to lose millions in a bid to pave way for the Nairobi Express road.

KeNHA Chairman Eng. Erastus Mwongera & Director Development Eng. David Muchilwa address the press(Photo credit: supplied)
KeNHA Chairman Eng. Erastus Mwongera & Director Development Eng. David Muchilwa address the press(Photo credit: supplied)

Speaking to media in Niarobi, KRSRBS acting managing director, Pharis Ngotho, said the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has issued an eviction notice to Nairobi Railways Club to vacate the premises within eight hours.

“We hereby issue you with an 8 hours’ notice to vacate the premises failure to which you will be forcefully ejected without further reference to you,” said KRSRBS acting managing director Pharis Ngotho

The police were seen in the area demolishing these premises after the notice expired, 8 hours later.

They denied entry to customers and only allowed the employees into the business.

“We are not allowing anybody into these premises. Only hotel workers. Any other party affected can get in touch with Kenya Railways,” said a senior police officer

Mwamba Rugby Football club, which calls the Nairobi Railways Club hotel home, admitted to the knowledge of what is going on, calming down members of the public as the issue “was being handled”.

“The club wishes to address itself to the ongoing activities around Nairobi Railway Club, our home for the last 43 years. We’re aware that sections of the grounds have been earmarked for excision for the development of the Nairobi Expressway,” the club wrote.

The club acknowledged that this abrupt decision will have huge impact on their activities; however, the club leadership said it was weighing options.

“The targeted areas will definitely have an impact on our activities as a club. We’re therefore consulting the NRC to assess the extent of the impact and weighing our options. We urge our players, staff, members and fans to remain calm as we address these unforeseen events.” It added.

Another business that expressed concern on the eviction notice is the Lunar Park.

The Lunar Park management, led by Mr. Gerald Kimari, who doubles as the owner, called on the government to be rational and offer a compensation to these businesses.

“We were issued a verbal notice on September 11 to vacate the park. No one has come to survey or even talk about compensation. We have received threats from our landlord, the Kenya Railways Retirement Benefits Scheme management, who have today (Tuesday) given us a few hours to clear the area of our properties and vacate the land,” Mr Kimari said.

These businesses are being evicted to give room for the construction of the Nairobi Express road that is set to ease traffic in the capital of Kenya.

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