Kampala court allows Museveni to rule for life

Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni(Photo: file)
Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni(Photo: file)

July 28th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – A court in the Ugandan capital Kampala has ruled in favor of Yoweri Museveni staying in the Ugandan presidency for life sparking outrage among members of a public which is already fed up for one of the Africa’s longest serving dictators’ rule.

Based on the Ugandan constitution, he age limit for the Ugandan President is 75 and anyone above such age is not allowed to run for the president. Museveni is almost 75 and the ruling was seen as ploy by him to keep himself in power for life.

After an 11-hour debate, the five-member Constitutional Court, in a four-to-one ruling, upheld lifting the age limit, but struck down extending the terms in office.

Justice Kenneth Kakuru, who was the only opponent to the ruling on the panel told the Voice of America that the constitutional amendment for the year 2018 was illegal saying it contravene the Ugandan constitution itself.

“I find and declare that, one, the entire constitutional amendment act one of 2018 is unconstitutional and therefore null and void. All its provision ought to be expunged from the constitution of Uganda,” he said.

The ruling also extended Museveni’s term in office for additional three years similar to what President Kiir of South Sudan did few days ago when he extended his term and that of his parliament to three years ending in 2021.


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