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Israeli arms firm operating in South Sudan despite sanctions, arms embargo

IDF Maj. Gen. (ret.) Israel Ziv speaks to the Kan public broadcaster in March 2016 (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

August 19th 2019 (Nyamilepedia) – An Israeli arms company is operating under the cover of agricultural projects in South Sudan in defiance to international sanctions and arms embargo, an investigative journalist revealed.

Sam Mednick, the journalist, said Israeli agricultural company, Green Horizons in South Sudan, is in fact a secret weapons company operating under the guise of an Israeli security company, Global CST.

Mednick discovered that the underground company belongs to former Israeli general Israel Ziv who was sanctioned last year by the U.S for supplying weapons to South Sudan, in defiance of the UN Security Council’s arms embargo.

In an interview with TRNN, the journalist explained that the agribusiness project she visited was divided into two farms, one used to grow vegetables and the other one was a cover-up farm.

Well, I went to two farms late in 2017, and one of them was one of their farms, one of Green Horizon’s projects where they were growing some fruits and some vegetables, which I saw. And the second farm that I went to, it wasn’t one of their official farms. It was a training project at the time,” Mednick said.

They said that they had short training projects for veterans to train them to go into agriculture after they got out of the army, demobilization. And so, I mean, that’s what I saw when I was at that project. And that project apparently was going on for a couple months, and the soldiers were there, and there were some plots of land that they were working on,” he added.

For his part, the retired Israeli general Ziv described the accusation as baseless and unfounded.

It’s nothing, nothing. It’s just a bubble with no relation to reality. Our company signed an agricultural contract before a bit more than three years. And at that time we also received the money. It’s an amount which doesn’t resemble even a little the sum which they talk about,” he said.

Last year, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on the Israeli businessman and former retired IDF general, Israel Ziv for his role in fueling the conflict in South Sudan.

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