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“I will not fight because I am not appointed as governor” Olony

Sep 7, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — A senior opposition general, Lt. Gen. Johnson Olony, has responded to a series of speculations from South Sudan capital alleging that he may defect and fight the Transitional Government of National Unity if not appointed as a governor of Upper Nile State.

SPLA-IO commander of sector one Gen. Johnson Olony and SPLM-IO Chairman Dr. Riek Machar in Pagak 2016 (File: Supplied/Nyamilepedia)
SPLA-IO commander of sector one Gen. Johnson Olony and SPLM-IO Chairman Dr. Riek Machar in Pagak 2016 (File: Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

Speaking to media, General Olony responded to president Salva Kiir saying he is not “a warmonger” like some politicians are speculating in attempt to persuade him to travel to Juba.

“I am not a warmonger. I am not aware of the war the president has been talking about. Among my forces, there are soldiers from all the tribes of South Sudan, so I don’t fight my fellow South Sudanese” Gen. Olony said while speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Saturday.

Olony assures president Kiir that he would support him and stand for his country if South Sudan had to be defended from another country.

“If there is a war with another country, I can assure him [Kiir] that I will support them.” Olony assures.

The senior SPLM/A-IO Secretor One General said he is willing to travel to Juba but only if he is appointed as the governor of the Upper Nile.

Gen. Olony clarified that his chairman, Dr. Machar, the First Vice President, has sent a delegation to meet him in Khartoum, Sudan, but he told them that he will travel to Juba as soon as he is appointed, something he also told president Salva Kiir.

“My chairman Dr Riek has recently sent a delegation to talk to me so that I go to Juba. But I told them that I don’t want to go to Juba because I haven’t yet been appointed as governor. Also, Salva talked to me and asked me to come to Juba, but I put a condition that I would only return to Juba once I am appointed,” Olony said.

Regarding what he would do if he is not appointed, Olony said he would continue to serve at his current capacity if the leadership in Juba decide to appoint someone else.

“If another nominee is appointed by Salva or recommended by Riek, I have no problem. I didn’t take up arms to be a governor. I fought for this country so that we become independent from Sudan,” he said.

” I will not fight because I am not appointed as governor of Upper Nile. I can continue serving in my current capacity because what we want is peace.” Gen. Olony said.

The senior SPLM/A(IO) General calls on communities in Upper Nile to forgive one another and reconcile.

“Conflicts among our communities were caused by politics. So, people should forgive each other because we are one people. My message to the people of Upper Nile is that peace has come, so we have to come together,” Olony stressed.

Gen. Olony’s appointment has been delayed for what President Salva Kiir termed as “security concern” asserting that he has to “defend the lives of people” while referring to allegations raised by some communities in Upper Nile.

Olony’s party, the SPLM/A(IO), has insisted that President Salva Kiir has no right to dictate or reject his appointment.

So far, the SPLM-IO has refused to appoint another candidates hoping that Kiir will change his position.

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