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I am God’s third chosen king – claims controversial cleric Abraham Chol

Juba, South Sudan

July 02, 2021 – Controversial South Sudanese cleric and leader of Kush International Church Abraham Chol has claimed that he is the third human being alive to have ever been ordained by God after Jesus.

I am God’s third chosen king – claims controversial cleric Abraham Chol
Controversial Prophet Abraham Chol (R) speaks to a Journalist in an exclusive interview (photo credit: screengrab/Nyamilepedia)

“According to Kush history, the first King was Adam of God, the second King was Jesus Christ who preached Christianity, and the third and the last Kingdom is now represented by myself,” Chol claimed.

In an interview transcribed by Nyamilepedia, Mr. Chol says his identity that is conventionally known by the public is not even close to whom he really is.

“I am not Abraham Chol, I am not the name representing the name I was called after but I am Abraham of Cush, the son of God and son of Adam, I am the king of Kush land and this is where I have reached,” Mr. Chol told a journalist at his office in Juba.

Chol claims that it took him many years until he got chosen by God to be where he is today as the last King of Kush after Jesus Christ.

He further elaborated that the Kush Kingdom is neither a Christianity nor a political party but a divine kingdom that has control, strength, and power over land in the world.

Last month, Chol said the President of the Republic of South Sudan Gen. Salva Kiir and his First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny will no longer be in charge of the country by  9th July, claiming that the National Independence day shall also be celebrated as a farewell to the pair to allow for a new transition.

The controversial preacher was also arrested in early March for breaching the COVID-19 protective measures by gathering crowds and convincing his congregation that the COVID-19 will not affect them since they are under the protection of God.

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