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Hardships Force South Sudan Government To Turn To Its Starving Population For Fundraising


A huge banner in South Sudan capital bearing president Salva Kiir and retired Ethiopian athlete Haile Gabriel Selasie(Photo: file)
A huge banner in South Sudan capital bearing president Salva Kiir and retired Ethiopian athlete Haile Gabriel Selasie(Photo: file)

April 8, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— With thousands starving on the streets, other dying in swarms and millions crossing the borders to refugee camps in East Africa, South Sudan’s troubled government hopes that the remaining few in the capital could raise millions of dollars to avert drought, famine and their own suffering.

Notwithstanding that the army fighting a senseless war has gone unpaid for more than 3 months, ghost students who have been sponsored on government payroll for years are now protesting, revealing secret that South Sudan government was sponsoring students abroad.

It is believed that majority of these students are either relatives, friends and children of the SPLM/A elites, who are currently running the affairs of the war-torn country.

Although President Salva Kiir has denied signs of looming famine and genocides, many government officials have lately accepted and publicly declared famine as a new crisis.

Ministers like Michael Makuei Lueth have recently called on the citizens to turn out in large number to raise fund for the government to avert famine.

This morning, South Sudan government expected a huge turn out at Dr. John Garang memorial ground, however, less than two hundred people shown up so far.

To attract a huge turn out, Juba invited a retired Ethiopian long-distance track and road running athlete, Mr. Haile Gebrselassie (haylē gebre silassē).

Haile won two Olympic gold medals over 10,000 metres and four World Championship titles during his career, something that would have attracted many young South Sudanese and foreigners to his event.

Members of Salva Kiir government running a marathon with Ethiopian athlete in Juba, South Sudan....
Members of Salva Kiir government running a marathon with Ethiopian athlete in Juba, South Sudan….

Contrary, many citizens interviewed by our correspondent in Juba said that they have nothing to eat leave alone something to raise to avert famine.

“You give when you have something. You have nothing, you give nothing. My children have gone for two days without food, what did that so call government want me to give them” Said Christine Girifaso, a mother of two who has nothing to eat.

Other residents of Juba like David Lakolenge calls on Kiir administration to end the war first if they want famine to end.

“All these are crocodile tears. This famine was brought by these politicians. If they want to save this country, they must end the war. Why would I contribute money knowing that the regime will use my money to kill me tomorrow” Lokonge said

“They are raising fund to pay themselves and their militias. That is not fund raising. To hell” He continued.

Asked if he was offended by our question, he said he feels bullied by the government.

“How can you kill and starve people then go after them asking them for money. Where will they get money now” David added.

Other residents said they turned out to see the famous Ethiopian athlete, adding that they want to show good will to the government although they have nothing.

“This is our government, we must stand with them in both good times and difficult times. They called us out, so we came. Also meeting Haile Gebriel selassie was wonderful thing. This man is famous all over the world” Said Garang Bol, one of the residents who attended the fundraising.

Within the last three months, South Sudan has raised prices in attempt to collect more revenues from humanitarian workers, foreign and local businesses.

According to observers, foreign organizations and businesses may close down within the next two years should war continue.

Many South Sudanese citizens are fleeing the country to Uganda, Kenya, DRC and Sudan where they would rather live as refugees than living in their own country as free citizens.

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deng Malual April 8, 2017 at 7:03 am

Deeply disgraceful. First the government use all the money for landcruisers, palaces, travel and looting – not to mentioning making war and genocide. Then begging the starving masses for more money. Awful


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